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Phenomenal and thanks for taking us along. Regards.
Thinking of the new Alfa sedan. What's your opinion? Regards.
Thanks. Ordered the black pair.Regards.
I am so glad I have his boots, still unworn in box as the aesthetic doesn't suit standard Texas boots. Quality of finish is impeccable. He was an amazing shoemaker, sad we lost him so young. Regards.
Appreciate your post and I took a hiatus here to indulge in a few other hobbies and toys.Thank you texasmade, we are the old guard but quality clothes/shoes are timeless.Regards.
Some very nice shoes here. Regards.
Forex, you are too kind and thanks for asking I have been well. Hope you are doing great also and will try and spend some more time here Regards.
Wow. Enjoyed this thread. Some amazing shoes here. Maybe one day I will play with the big boys Regards.
Mr Monty, been a while...i have been out of the shoe loop for a couple of years but spent the last hour enjoying this thread. Thank you. Regards.
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