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Hi,   I have an office Holiday Party to attend this evening and am unsure about proper attire for the event. The invitation says "cocktail attire" is the appropriate dress. Originally, I had intended on wearing my ill fitting navy suit (bought just for the job interview), but I now realize this may be overdoing it for a Thursday night office party. I'm a new (and young) employee and I'm not looking to stand out too much and I don't like the suit.   My current...
I'll do a better job of searching before posting next time, but thanks for all the replies. I'm strongly considering an alternative to the BR suit as a result of your recommendations.
Hi, I'm a new poster here looking for some advice on buying a decent looking suit with a very limited (student) budget. The suit will be used for interviews and a few weddings. My budget is $250 - $400, but trying to stay on the low end.    One option is this BR suit I can get for 50% off (F&F discount), which puts it at just over...
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