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I placed an MTO cappuccino Macneil order in late September and am still waiting. 
Up for sale I have a pair of Allen Edmonds Dalton boots in burnished walnut leather.  They are size 11B and also have a topy that has been applied by a local shoe shop.  The ONLY reason I'm selling these is because they don't fit me quite right, and since I had a topy added I can't return them to Allen Edmonds.  As a side note, the addition of the topy does not impact the boots ability to be recrafted.    While I owned them they always had AE shoe trees in them when not...
I heard back from her last night.  She said she had tried to contact manufacturing to get an update, but did not hear back so she sent them an email and will let me know when she hears back.
I did, as well.  I'm wondering if there is some sort of issue seeing as others who placed MTO's after me have already received their shoes.  Hmm...
Has anyone heard from MTO Allison this past week?  I emailed her last Friday and the Friday before about my MTO order and have not heard anything back.
I guess you're referring to the Natural Indigo2?  Not the white, Miami Vice-esque jeans, lol.
I, unfortunately, had to re-sell both items I purchased from Gustin.  I bought a medium OCBD and a pair of Japanese Standards in 32 regular....the shirt, as others have noted, fit like a small and the jeans were nice, but too similar in real life to my APC NS' in terms of color.  I did find out that if I get another pair of jeans (holding out for Okayama Standards) I'd size up to 33 and possibly slim.  Nice quality, all around, regardless.
A webgem is a special run of shoes from Allen Edmonds that typically lasts for a month.....special make ups, special leathers, etc.
Does AE have a supply of CXL?
Shell Cordovan manufacturers are the new diamond cartel, lol
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