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I purchased these back during the original campaign and have worn them maybe 3 or 4 times. One important note...I did have them hemmed and 1" was taken off of the bottom. The original selvedge ID and red chain stitching is in tact. Since 1" was taken off of the bottom this makes these jeans a 33" inseam vs the standard 34" inseam. Feel free to email me with any questions/picture requests/purchase inquiries.   From the Gustin site:   Gustin jeans made from sanforized...
My CC was always charged upon shipment of the MTO shoe. 
I'm lusting after either the natural brown or navy patriots.....quick question....what would the next darker welt/edge be from natural?      Edit:  I misread the original post....this isn't for CXL.  $650 for loafers is a bit steep, in my opinion, lol. 
You're probably right.  I guess when I thnk of a cap toe boot, non-dress boot I don't think of dress leather being the go-to material. 
Agreed.....at $425 it needs to be in something other than calf, in my opinion.  Not shell, but maybe dublin or CXL.  I'd love to see that boot in another color, as well, since I don't see the versatility in black shoes outside of a few situations (personal style preference).
I would be HIGHLY interested in almost any group MTO for a natty CXL shoe/boot.  It's a great leather that ages particularly well, I think.
    Wearing my MTO cappuccino Macneils today.....it's also my last day of work for 2 weeks because of paternity leave :D
With the Kenilworth being $197 right now, is my understanding correct that if I wanted to do an MTO (say, natural chromexcel....ala, Alden PTB style) that it would be $197 + $125 MTO fee for a total of $322?    If so, I'm thinking double JR sole, natural welt, natural edge, wheeled/fudged (if possible) and maybe brass eyelets. 
Is there any MTO interest out there for some sort of Chromexcel make up?  I'm even open to the type of shoe/boot........     CXL Bayfield or Eagle County?   CXL McGregor or Kenilworth? 
Anyone in this thread have the chore coat?  I can't seem to decide on the sizing.  I wear a large in their regular shirts, a 40R jacket size, and I keep thinking that the large chore coat is going to be too small in the sleeve and chest area.  For what it's worth, I'm 6ft and 170lbs.   Any insight?
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