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The email I have from her is me asking to have the welt/edge from the Neumok, her responding with chili split reverse + light brown transparent dressing, and me double verifying that that's what comes on the Neumok. 
Ah geeze, and I have an email from her saying the exact opposite.  Guess I'll be emailing tomorrow.
My invoice says chili split reverse welt with light brown transparent edge dressing, which is what she told me was on the Neumok. 
If you end up checking with her, let me know what she says.  If not I'll probably email her tomorrow.....I suspect our Macneil's are going to be lighter, though.  When I was in the process of ordering I included that Neumok picture, specifically, and said I was looking for a cappuccino cordovan Macneil on the welt/edge of that Neumok with the JR sole, of course. 
I'm hoping that my macneils are a bit lighter on the edge/welt.....but I'm assuming it will be given the difference in terms from your Leeds invoice vs. your Macneil invoice.
tifosi....those leeds are beautiful!  What are the details on the sole/welt that you went with?
^^Wouldn't the cuff of your pants cover that blemish up?  If so, I wouldn't worry about it much, personally. 
According to MTO Allison that's the only way that the different lining could be done at this point in production. 
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