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New car!  I sold my 2011 135i and purchased a car that better fits a car seat in the back, lol   2011 BMW 335d     It's my first automatic, which is a bit strange, but I love the torque and overall feel of the car.  The MPG's aren't too shabby, either.
I totally agree with all of this except for #7.  Saying that an item is complete and shipping in order of backing (multiple times, mind you), only for that shipping NOT to happen is not indicative of us having the latest information that Gustin has.  I would rather them say "we really don't have much of a clue when these will be done" vs. telling us that something is finished and shipping when it's really  not.
I won't hold my breath, at this point.  We've received notifications like that since late December.
Has anyone received a shipment notification for their October-backed chino's?
The natives seem to be getting restless on the community board.....lots of delays from a variety of items slated for Nov/Dec delivery.
The 335d is not available new, so I would be shopping used.  I don't think I would ever purchase new, in any event. 08/09 ISF's are similarly priced to 11 335d's. I'm not interested in Audi....I've driven the S4 and for the price, I'm not overly impressed compared to a 335. Volvo's aren't bad, but it's tough to find an unmolsted S60R. I've never been a big fan of Benz outside of the Gelandawagen's and some of their high up sports cars. I was more looking for advice between...
I'm putting my 2011 135i on the market today.  I'm torn on what to get to replace the car.  I'm between a 335d and an IS-F.....outside of four doors and RWD, they are quite different, but both have a certain allure.   I've driven both.....any advice from the group?
I like the quality of product for the price and the variety that they offer.   What I don't like, and I think it could pose a long term threat if they fail to address it, is the innaccuracy of their finishing times.  I've backed a variety of campaigns and I think only one (apron) was delivered according to the original timeline.   Despite that, I still order from them.
I've thought about that, but at full price + MTO fee, I might as well go the Rancourt/Oak Street Bootmakers route for CXL loafers.
Booooo   Makes sense, though.  Thanks for the reply.
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