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That's kind of what I was thinking.  Thanks for the response. 
I would imagine this has been addressed in this thread, but searching didn't yield anything definitive.     How does the Rancourt Beefroll sizing compare to something like Allen Edmonds?  I've got a narrow foot, so I would likely go with a B width (like I do with AE).  I wear both a 10.5B and an 11B on various AE lasts.    I would primarily be wearing these loafers with thin and medium weight socks, and barefoot.  Would 10B or 10.5B be the better bet?  Thanks in advance!
Eh...at that point it becomes an attempt at a Barbour copy.  I think they've nailed a look and unless the trucker was lined, the cord collar would look out of place.  YMMV, of course. 
I think they go very well given a business casual atmosphere, or a business professional atmosphere.  Lighter pants, lighter suits, etc. 
How would I go about removing some alcohol stains from a pair of brown chromexcel boots?  I wore them to a pool bar the other evening and didn't realize that they endured some sort of splatter from what was likely an alcoholic drink (beer or liquor).  VSC?  I've wiped them down and applied some Saphir reno but to no avail.  Thanks!
I think I may go with a 10.5 and see where it lands.  My wife works for Nordstrom, so that makes things even easier :D
Flannel lined duck canvas chinos would be pretty nice, too.   Edit:  Also, some sort of military-like jacket/barn coat with a moto collar would also be very nice. 
I'm considering purchasing a pair of PT trench boots from Nordstrom (natty cxl).  Any insight onto sizing relative to Allen Edmonds?  I'm an 11B-ish on a Brannock device and wear both 10.5B and 11B in AE's various lasts. 
I'd go with a large.  I'm 6ft, 170lbs with a 40R jacket size and the medium was verrrrry tight.
Huh....I thought they only made CXL boots.  Good to know. 
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