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^^^What do the results look like thus far?
Newest survey taken :)   Really pulling for a merlot Eagle County
Voted..... Side question, was there any interest in a chromexcel option for the Eagle County?  Or was I the only one, lol. 
Once you have submitted a response much appreciate if you can quote and list your name here. Just want to be sure the all votes are accounted for and not some votes from folks who arent really intending to participate. 1. @watchidiot 2. @JZrhwinnj 3. @polojock615 4. @Mossington 5. @Burzan 6. @FatTuesday 7. @gatszu 8. @JezeC 9. @adamdurbin 10. @tanbar 11. @Kahuna75 12. @mdubs 13. @lemmy127 14. @peppercorn78 15. @gg253 16. @buddy0329 17. @ScottyBoy920 18. @frankmartin 19....
Agreed.  Even in stock form they are one of the better looking boots that AE made.  I've been trying to hunt down some seconds but no luck :(
Fair enough.....thanks for throwing it together!
Sooo, quick question.  Why is cappuccino in there if AE doesn't have any in stock? 
Edited for not reading ahead far enough, lol. 
Wow....that is the best Eagle County MTO i've seen.  If this were a GMTO option I would jump right in (Eagle County + golden brown cxl).
Any insight on the 5 last (Strand) vs. the 2 last (Eagle County)?  I'm an 11B in the 5 last and sized down .5 (10.5B) for the Macneils.    I'm thinking of a 10.5D in the Eagle County as opposed to the 11D.....good move?  Or keep with the 11. 
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