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I agree, but buying a $150 jacket when going into the warm months may not be a top priority item.
I just backed a Gustin shirt....hopefully the large fits alright.  I purchased a medium last year and given my build (6ft, 170lbs, athletic-ish) the medium was far too tight.     I also backed the latest run of the Okayama Standards.....can't wait :D
Damp cloth and brush after each wear, and I hit them with saphir reno two or three times per year.
Wow, those CXL Macneils are incredible looking!
Does anyone have a picture of their Okayama Standards in Straight fit?  Might be able to pick up a pair and was curious to the look and fit as I only own slims from Gustin.  TIA!
  Have you owned suede shoes like these before?  Suede, from what my experience has been, is inconsistent by it's very nature.  Throw in the fact that you'll be wearing these outside, presumably, and they are going to get somewhat marked up and have inconsistencies. 
I'm now strongly considering another MTO....a golden brown CXL Kenwood loafer with a natural edge.  Anyone have anything similar?  It would be close to a Rancourt Beefroll Penny Loafer.
Edited....posted in the wrong thread, lol
      Macneil in size 10.5B Cappuccino Cordovan Tone on tone upper stitching Independance Lining Chili Split Reverse Welt Double Rendenbach Sole Light brown transparent edge dressing Wheeled Edge     They had a slight imperfection on the pinking of the right shoe.....got them for $299 and couldn't be happier with the extra "character"
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