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 Cool your jets. It's been mentioned multiple times (even in the past couple of posts) that calling slows down the process and she has even mentioned in prior emails that email is the best way to get in contact with her. 
Something doesn't look quite right about the Carson City....
Well, that escalated quickly. 
That's pretty typical for boots, so I'm told, and has to do with the individuals step vs. the boot being defective.
I had a September 26th (tifosi was around that time, as well) MTO and haven't heard much from Allison.  Coming up on the 8 week mark this week, I believe.
tifosi, did you ever hear back from Allison?  I got the one email and have heard nothing since. 
I think either dark chocolate brown or bourbon.  Merlot would be ok, but for me I'm not a fan of it as a casual color, for some reason. 
 That's what it is....it looks phallic. 
 Something doesn't look quite right with this boot, but I can't quite put my finger on it.  There's something weird about the proportions.....
New Posts  All Forums: