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Sucks that they closed the community page.....I bought/sold a few items from that area.   Why would they want to close it?
The sour milk smell seems to be tenacious.  I hung them outside for a bit, and that's helped.  We'll see...
My spot is just a little drip mark down the front of the thigh.....I may just do a quick cold soak w/ Woolite dark.  The mark is barely noticeable, and I'm just wanting the spit up smell to dissipate.  If it does, I won't need to soak.
For those of you with little kids, or those of you that deal with puke a lot (that's probably for a different thread, lol), any tips on getting spit up out of a new pair of jeans?  Japan Union Blues....little bit of spit up down the leg.  It's barely  noticeable as it's breast milk spit up (doesn't stain as badly as formula) but they're 5 days old and I'd like to get that mark out.  Wet sponge/rag and blot?  Soak?  Thanks!
I did the first wash of my Oka Standards yesterday after about 10 months of wear.  Cold water + half cup of woolite black + soak for 20 minutes.  Not much fade, but I didn't want that....they look nice and crisp again.
Depending on what the waist actually measures, I might be interested in snagging those from you (if that's what you're ultimately alluding to). Edit:  Also, any pictures?
New car!  I sold my 2011 135i and purchased a car that better fits a car seat in the back, lol   2011 BMW 335d     It's my first automatic, which is a bit strange, but I love the torque and overall feel of the car.  The MPG's aren't too shabby, either.
I totally agree with all of this except for #7.  Saying that an item is complete and shipping in order of backing (multiple times, mind you), only for that shipping NOT to happen is not indicative of us having the latest information that Gustin has.  I would rather them say "we really don't have much of a clue when these will be done" vs. telling us that something is finished and shipping when it's really  not.
I won't hold my breath, at this point.  We've received notifications like that since late December.
Has anyone received a shipment notification for their October-backed chino's?
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