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I use Saphir Renovator on most calfskin shoes, followed by a cream polish and a wax polish.  On chromexcel/cordovan I use VSC or Saphir's neutral cordovan cream.  Saphir stuff works wonderfully, I've found. 
To echo what others have said, I would definitely be calling CS or returning them with that type of crease.  That's not normal.
Hello!   I purchased these shoes not too long ago, only to find out that they were a bit too tight for me. They are in excellent condition, as the pictures show, and have been shoe tree'd, bagged and kept in the closet for some time. I've used Venetian Shoe Creamo on them a few times and the leather, itself, is in great condition. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have!
Also, are people using Venetian shoe cream, or another product?  I've used Saphir Renovator on CXL and have had good results, but it's always been darker leather.  Would Reno darken the natural CXL?  Does VSC?
My 10.5 Trench Boots came in today and the fit is great with both thick, and thin, socks.  These are great boots at full price, and my wifes discount made them even better :)         I also snagged a pair of brown CXL beefroll loafers off of ebay that were barely broken in.  They're too small, unfortunately, so I'll be selling them for a better size (or Rancourt's).          Sorry for the sideways orientation....not sure why SF is making them look that way. 
That's kind of what I was thinking.  Thanks for the response. 
I would imagine this has been addressed in this thread, but searching didn't yield anything definitive.     How does the Rancourt Beefroll sizing compare to something like Allen Edmonds?  I've got a narrow foot, so I would likely go with a B width (like I do with AE).  I wear both a 10.5B and an 11B on various AE lasts.    I would primarily be wearing these loafers with thin and medium weight socks, and barefoot.  Would 10B or 10.5B be the better bet?  Thanks in advance!
Eh...at that point it becomes an attempt at a Barbour copy.  I think they've nailed a look and unless the trucker was lined, the cord collar would look out of place.  YMMV, of course. 
I think they go very well given a business casual atmosphere, or a business professional atmosphere.  Lighter pants, lighter suits, etc. 
How would I go about removing some alcohol stains from a pair of brown chromexcel boots?  I wore them to a pool bar the other evening and didn't realize that they endured some sort of splatter from what was likely an alcoholic drink (beer or liquor).  VSC?  I've wiped them down and applied some Saphir reno but to no avail.  Thanks!
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