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I like Filson bags, but they are hardly the only game in town these days.  Between Filson, Gustin, Fjallraven, Belstaff and a variety of others, there are plenty of options.  On top of that, they all have duffles and canvas messengers/briefs that are very close....although, like I said before, the Gustin and Filson briefs are pretty close.
Tough crowd, lol     I think it's a nice looking bag and is very close to the Filson counter part, but that doesn't really bother me.   If I were in the market, I'd be interested, but between my Saddleback, MH Ghurka and Belstaff, I've got my bases covered.   Now, if they offered a rucksack in the same style as this briefcase, I'd be all over that.
I don't believe that I as aware of AT's in NSX's.
100% agreed.  I enjoyed the ridiculous comparisons, cheesy comedy and the like.  I particularly liked their cross country ventures...the arctic, India, South America, and the like.  They had, what seemed, about 20% actual car reviewing, which is fine by me.  If I wanted a good break down of the car, you could read the Top Gear magazine.  If all of this is true, it's a sad day to see that show cease to exist.
I think they're great.....the feel is top notch, and they fit me well (medium).  I've ordered both large and medium button down's and they  both fit fairly well, albeit differently, if that gives any idea on sizing.  I'm 6ft and 165lbs.  The large button downs are a tad bit on the "tenty" side, and the medium button downs are a little tight around the chest.
I'm getting my heather grey medium's in the mail today....if they don't fit I'll shoot you a PM.
I ordered a pair of skinny's that were way too tight (bigger quads from cycling) and Gustin, in typical great customer service, are offering to take them back for store credit or something out of their stock.
I'd love to see those military green chinos, as well.  I thought about backing them but I can't envision when/where I'd wear them.       Also, the Italy Pure Blue material is super nice.....just wish I wouldn't have experimented with skinny as they are a bit too tight.
These are brand new, unworn jeans. I backed these during the original campaign back in December and, while waiting for completion, purchased another pair of Gustin jeans from a forum member. The two jeans are of similar weight and I find myself not needing these Italy Pure Blue's that are up for sale. The measurements are true to what Gustin's site mentions. The jeans are marked 33 Skinny and the waist measures 33.5". The asking price is $90 shipped...
I've had these for roughly 3 or 4 months.....love them and the patina they are developing.   I've treated them 2x with VSC and wear them probably 3x per week.     Paired with Gustin Okayama Standard jeans.....    
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