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Anyone with both a waxed trucker and a waxed chore coat?  Is the sizing consistent between the two?  I have a large chore coat, would the trucker fit, as well in a large?
X-post from Gustin thread.....     Shown w/ natty cxl Rancourt ranger-mocs.  They're breaking in nicely thus far....
^^^Those are fantastic!
I'm loving my recent Gustin acquisitions......the red chambray shirt (wearing today) and the Japan Union Blues (also wearing today) are fantastic.   I backed another round of v-neck's based on the quality/fit of the other t-shirts that I received.     Shown w/ natty cxl Rancourt ranger-mocs.
Snagged a pair of olive Neumok 2nd's for $97 :D   Should arrive Monday....
Yikes....that's no good.
I like Filson bags, but they are hardly the only game in town these days.  Between Filson, Gustin, Fjallraven, Belstaff and a variety of others, there are plenty of options.  On top of that, they all have duffles and canvas messengers/briefs that are very close....although, like I said before, the Gustin and Filson briefs are pretty close.
Tough crowd, lol     I think it's a nice looking bag and is very close to the Filson counter part, but that doesn't really bother me.   If I were in the market, I'd be interested, but between my Saddleback, MH Ghurka and Belstaff, I've got my bases covered.   Now, if they offered a rucksack in the same style as this briefcase, I'd be all over that.
I don't believe that I as aware of AT's in NSX's.
100% agreed.  I enjoyed the ridiculous comparisons, cheesy comedy and the like.  I particularly liked their cross country ventures...the arctic, India, South America, and the like.  They had, what seemed, about 20% actual car reviewing, which is fine by me.  If I wanted a good break down of the car, you could read the Top Gear magazine.  If all of this is true, it's a sad day to see that show cease to exist.
New Posts  All Forums: