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Do you wear the same size in both?  Does one fit differently than the other?
I had a Fjallraven jacket that was waxed.  I bought their G-1000 wax (in house name) and was able to rewax the jacket no problem.  Blow dry and patience.
Does anyone have any pictures/reviews of the flannel lined truckers?
  Love 'em!  I've got nearly the identical make up, except mine are in cappuccino shell vs brown.  THey've aged very well!
Haha.....red chinos like that (or other non-traditional colors) are referred to as GTH pants.  As in, Go To Hell pants, lol.
I'm digging those red chino's.....would be great for baseball season (Cardinals).
Anyone with both a waxed trucker and a waxed chore coat?  Is the sizing consistent between the two?  I have a large chore coat, would the trucker fit, as well in a large?
X-post from Gustin thread.....     Shown w/ natty cxl Rancourt ranger-mocs.  They're breaking in nicely thus far....
^^^Those are fantastic!
I'm loving my recent Gustin acquisitions......the red chambray shirt (wearing today) and the Japan Union Blues (also wearing today) are fantastic.   I backed another round of v-neck's based on the quality/fit of the other t-shirts that I received.     Shown w/ natty cxl Rancourt ranger-mocs.
New Posts  All Forums: