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I'm glad to see some pioneers stripping the black edging from Bourbon shoes.  I thought that was a mistake on AE's part....it just clashes wayyyy too much.  That makes me want to pick up something bourbon and strip the edging.
I would love to see a natty cxl low top with the gun sole.  THAT would be worth the cost, in my opinion.
I ended up returning the New Utility that I picked up from Nordstrom....it just didn't fit right.  I felt that I would have had to have it tailored to fit properly, and the lack of cuff closures kind of bugged me.   With that said, I purchased a Dept B Beacon in olive from end clothing.  I was between that and the Ashby.....maybe later this year if I can find one on sale, or a gently used one on ebay.
Some good deals at end clothing, as well.
I know it was a semi-limited run jacket, but how does the sizing of the Dept. B Commander compare to other jackets?  It's a trim fit, and I've read that the sizing can be tricky.  I wear a medium in most of the other jackets (New Utility, Ashby, etc.).  Would I go with medium for the commander, as well?  Or size up?
Eh....it looks like an overpriced vehicle that won't do anything particularly well, outside of being a luxury filled name plate. 
I think their PTB's look fantastic.  One of their affiliates is offering a color 8 CXL version with brass eyelets.  It's the best looking one of the bunch, in my opinion.
I think the fabric feels a bit more substantial.  A medium in a Gustin shirt fits me a bit better than a medium in an AmApp medium.
Any thoughts or opinions on the New Utility vs the Chico?  I tried on the New Utility today (medium) and liked it....it almost seems like the Chico is a trimmer and lighter version of the New Utility....correct?  Would the sizing be the same?
The more I wear my Gustin t-shirts the more I realize that they could become my go-to t-shirt.  I backed a few more campaigns....the fit and comfort are great for the price.       I also recently backed the red chino's.....perfect GTH pants, lol.
New Posts  All Forums: