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Black calf PA, Shell PA, black alden, brown that order. Built in Texas as far as I know.  In any event, if it was made in Mexico, or wherever, it's still a high quality product as far as I'm concerned.
Their (Saddleback's) Thin Briefcase w/o front pockets is pretty clean looking, versus the more rugged regular briefcases with front pockets.  I do have a Ghurka briefcase, too, that I use when I need to go to a formal meeting/event.  The nice thing about the SB is that I don't care if it gets beat up, scuffed, or what have you....whereas the Ghurka I'm kind of a nut about, lol.
Am I reading that correctly?  $645? Take that money, go purchase a Saddleback leather briefcase that will likely be of higher quality.....take the remainder cash and buy a few pair of low priced Shoebank shoes, lol.
Thanks for the links!   I'm posting a FS ad over there....I've registered before, but just couldn't remember the site name.
Is there still a Gustin forum?  I believe it formed right after Gustin shut down the community board on their site....I'm interested in posting a FS ad over there, but I just can't remember the site!
Those camp mocs look great....the stock photos on Racourts site don't do them justice like those pictures do!
Up for sale is a very lightly used pair of Rancourt Classic Ranger Moc's in natural chromexcel.  Size is 10B, but I don't find them to be that narrow.  For reference, I wear either an 11B or 10.5B in Allen Edmonds 5-last and 97-last, respectively.    I purchased these earlier this year and have just not worn them as much as I anticipated.  They've been on my feet maybe 5 or 6 times, total.    Included with the shoes is the original box, shoe bags, shoe horn and leather...
I'm glad to see some pioneers stripping the black edging from Bourbon shoes.  I thought that was a mistake on AE's just clashes wayyyy too much.  That makes me want to pick up something bourbon and strip the edging.
I would love to see a natty cxl low top with the gun sole.  THAT would be worth the cost, in my opinion.
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