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Agreed.  Even in stock form they are one of the better looking boots that AE made.  I've been trying to hunt down some seconds but no luck :(
Fair enough.....thanks for throwing it together!
Sooo, quick question.  Why is cappuccino in there if AE doesn't have any in stock? 
Edited for not reading ahead far enough, lol. 
Wow....that is the best Eagle County MTO i've seen.  If this were a GMTO option I would jump right in (Eagle County + golden brown cxl).
Any insight on the 5 last (Strand) vs. the 2 last (Eagle County)?  I'm an 11B in the 5 last and sized down .5 (10.5B) for the Macneils.    I'm thinking of a 10.5D in the Eagle County as opposed to the 11D.....good move?  Or keep with the 11. 
If anyone is looking to swap either a 33 or 34 (slim or reg) chino's for a pair of 32's....let me know.  I've got the graphites in 32 slim but they are way too tight for me.  I should have sized up from the jeans, not down, lol. 
I'm sure it's been answered, but the search function isn't the greatest in this forum.   How is the fit of the Kenilworth compared to other 5-65 lasted shoes such as the Strand?  Is it worth going down 0.5 due to the construction of the shoe (blucher vs bal)?
I see your point.  Outside of their boots, Aldens shoes all look blobby to me....but, I've got a long, narrow foot so blobby doesn't necessarily work for me.  I would likely wear Kenilworths to work (business casual) and wouldn't pair them with a suit when I need to dress up.  The MTO that I'm thinking about would be golden brown CXL with the red Dainite sole.  I figure I could also wear them with jeans, as well. 
This is more of a preference question, I suppose, but I see a lot of people do MTO's with Leeds.  Why not the Kenilworth?  Both are PTB's but I feel that the Kenilworth is a much more attractive shape and I hardly see them in this thread, or the AE Appreciation thread.  Maybe I'm the one that's off? 
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