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I'm hoping that my macneils are a bit lighter on the edge/welt.....but I'm assuming it will be given the difference in terms from your Leeds invoice vs. your Macneil invoice.
tifosi....those leeds are beautiful!  What are the details on the sole/welt that you went with?
^^Wouldn't the cuff of your pants cover that blemish up?  If so, I wouldn't worry about it much, personally. 
According to MTO Allison that's the only way that the different lining could be done at this point in production. 
For cincikid and tifosi (and anyone else who placed an MTO shell order recently).....I had emailed Allison over the weekend to inquire about adding the Independence Collection liner to my order....unfortunately I'm too late, but fortunately the footwear is already past the cutting stage and is being stitched together.  Hopefully that means our Macneils will be done well before the 8 week window that was originally quoted.
Those of you with shell cordovan.....do any of you use the deer bone as part of the maintenance of the leather?
  I think all three of us should be getting our cappuccino shoes right around the same time.....did we all get Macneils?  lol
From the website: Lined premium burnished calfskin leather upper with ultra-soft lambskin lining Now I wonder if it makes that much of a difference. 
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