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Thank you so much!  Are those Aldens or AE's?  
 What a timely post!  Do you happen to have any side profile shots? 
Are there any examples of an Alden LWB on a single sole, either with a flat welt or split reverse?  I found one, but I was wondering if there were any other versions......thanks!  
I don't think this looks too bad.....it's an Alden LWB with a flat welt and single sole.  Decisions, decisions..... 
Yeah, from looking around I think it does need the split reverse.  Now I just need to decide between a double butyl sole and a single butyl.....I think the single will make it look less bulky, but we'll see.
Did you end up going with the split reverse welt or the flat welt?  I'm contemplating the double butyl sole on a MacNeil in cappuccino or dark brown shell with a light brown transparent edge....I feel like the flat welt will make it look sleeker, but I'm not 100% sure. I guess the double butyl sole with a flat welt would be what's on the Dalton boot....
So, I went and got fitted in the MacNeil at my local AE store....10.5B.  They didn't have that size in the MacNeil, but they did in a tassel loafer on the same last.  The one thing I noticed while having the D-width MacNeil on was that it looked suuuuper wide compared to the B-width shoe on my other foot.  I realize that the double oak sole adds some "heft" to the shoe, and that it will likely be less tank-like in the appropriate width.   Now, to my main question.  I'm...
Thank you!  Thanks to tifosi and peppercorn78, as well, who PM'd me. 
I asked this a few days back.....anyone have her contact info?  Preferably email?  Thanks!
  My Daltons did the same thing.....when I spoke with Customer Service they said it was something to do with my instep, or some such. 
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