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This is more of a preference question, I suppose, but I see a lot of people do MTO's with Leeds.  Why not the Kenilworth?  Both are PTB's but I feel that the Kenilworth is a much more attractive shape and I hardly see them in this thread, or the AE Appreciation thread.  Maybe I'm the one that's off? 
In response to DC Office Hack, I couldn't have said it better. 
My MTO Macneils had one spot where the pinking was off and they offered me seconds pricing + some other promotional special.  MTO cappuccino's for $299?  That pinking defect just became character, lol.
Do you tuck in t-shirts?   And tucking in a polo into jeans outside of work makes me think of the way old men dress. 
 Hopefully no one will wear those period! 
I wear 33 Slims and sized down to 32 Slim for the chinos.  Hoping it works!
Eh....I think their slim fit is perfect.  I don't think the majority want the super skinny hipster look.  Given my build, I don't think I could go much skinnier (legs from squats). 
Are the chinos expected to stretch like the denim?  I'm assuming the answer is no.....?   I'm a 33 Slim in the jeans, so would that translate to the same in the chinos?
    Wore my new Oka Standards today with my AE cappuccino cordovan Macneils.   Loving the Oka Standards thus far :D
Eh, not a big fan of the cuffed look. I understand some people like it, and that's fine for them, but I don't like it with my own personal style of dress outside of the seldom occasion. I've got a pair of APC's, Nudie's and another pair of Gustins (italian greenline) and only the Gustins needed hemming. I took those to a local place with sub-par results.Stacking, as I understand it, is just wearing them as-is (34" inseam) and letting the jeans bunch up on top of my...
New Posts  All Forums: