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How does the welted 606 last (Patriot loafer) compare, size wise, to the 5 last that the Strand/Park Ave are on?  I'm an 11B in the 5 last.  Would a 10.5B work in the Patriot?
My mother always said that if I don't have anything nice to say, that I should keep my mouth shut.  
I backed the Blue-Hunter Gingham shirt.  The material and pattern look fantastic.
We've had a really mild summer.....two or three weeks ago it was in the mid-50's at night, and now all of a sudden we get a heat wave that's the worst it's been all summer.  Bizarro weather, for sure. 
I think I've been fortunate with my purchases:   Walnut Strands  - $230 Walnut Daltons - $260 Brown CXL Bayfield 2nds - $150 Brown Burnished Delrays - $210 Black Custom Calf McAllisters - $150   I'm targeting a pair of shell something or others later this year and should be able to get them at a healthy discount as well
Oh nice.  I'm right down the road in Clayton.  WU is an awesome campus and school.  I utilized their library plenty of times for research and studying over the past few years.
  Are those dorms at SLU, by chance?  You're a better man than I.....I wear a suit daily for work, but with this heat I've been business casual all week.  It's too hot!
In reference to the Portland, the AE site said a few weeks back (or maybe last week) that due to high demand/low stock, the boots were being removed from the site.  It did not mention if it was permanent or temporary. 
I've got a pair of walnut Daltons and personally, I think they are too casual to be worn with a suit.  That's just my opinion, though. 
So, I'm wondering how JohnnyGalt got the Macneil on the 5 last
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