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    This makes me very excited for my cappuccino Macneils.  Seeing those exposed eyelets makes me think I should have gone that route.....but I'm sure they will be beautiful, none the less.  When was your invoice date?
Here's the response I got from Allison.....it appears that the two are very similar.  Good Morning Lucas: Natural toasted edge and Light brown transparent are extremely similar in coloring. I will make sure the order has  the toasted edge like on the Neumok. When I created the custom request for my manufacturing team I did make note that it should look like the neumok sole, so it should not be an issue.   I hope Allison gets a nice bonus/raise/etc. this year for putting up...
  Geez.....that's pretty concerning.  Let us know how you go about remedying that issue. 
I just sent this to Allison   Good afternoon, Allison,     From the sounds of it on Style Forum you are being inundated with MTO requests!  In discussing a few of our different make ups I stumbled upon a conversation and I just wanted to clarify a quick detail that we discussed.  In a prior email I had attached an image and referenced wanting the welt/edge from the Neumok on my Macneils.  I believe you mentioned (and it's on the invoice) that this is the chili split...
The email I have from her is me asking to have the welt/edge from the Neumok, her responding with chili split reverse + light brown transparent dressing, and me double verifying that that's what comes on the Neumok. 
Ah geeze, and I have an email from her saying the exact opposite.  Guess I'll be emailing tomorrow.
My invoice says chili split reverse welt with light brown transparent edge dressing, which is what she told me was on the Neumok. 
If you end up checking with her, let me know what she says.  If not I'll probably email her tomorrow.....I suspect our Macneil's are going to be lighter, though.  When I was in the process of ordering I included that Neumok picture, specifically, and said I was looking for a cappuccino cordovan Macneil on the welt/edge of that Neumok with the JR sole, of course. 
I'm hoping that my macneils are a bit lighter on the edge/welt.....but I'm assuming it will be given the difference in terms from your Leeds invoice vs. your Macneil invoice.
New Posts  All Forums: