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Anyone with cappuccino shell, or any recent shell for that matter, having problems with what I would call dry creases?  It's nothing massive, but in the creases formed from walking I notice a slight dry look in that crease.  I'm following the Mac Method and am nearing the point where I am going to apply some reno....should that fix it?  Or is this a deer bone solution?
What are the typical MTO make ups that people are doing with the Eagle County's?
    I ended up hanging onto my MTO cappuccino Macneils.  A few pages back I posted pictures of the pinking being chewed up on the right shoe.  Cappuccino is out, so they can't be remade....although, getting them at seconds pricing made me ignore that imperfection :D
I never thought they looked right with a suit, but that's just my opinion. 
Seeing others post pics of their cappuccino's reminded me to post pictures of my full Macneil (blemish and all).....I must say, they are fantastic looking save for the pinking issue.         Cappuccino Macneil - 10.5B Indy lining Double JR Sole Wheeled edge Tone on Tone Stitching Chili Split Reverse Welt Light Brown Transparent Edge Dressing
Both of those cappuccino MTO's look amazing!
I emailed Allison but she is off for a good portion of the week.  We'll see what happens when I talk to her on Thursday or Friday.  I think I'd be willing to hang on to them if they are priced as seconds in that $300 range.  I'm definitely not paying full price for them unless they can be remade to 1st quality. 
The scuff is just the lighting.  The issue is the chunk missing on the pinking.
 You're probably right....the one hope I have is that they did have to remake these once so maybe they have some extra laying around for do-overs.   I'll definitely be giving her a call tomorrow.  I actually haven't paid for them yet....Allison overnight shipped them on Friday.  So, maybe I can push for 2nds pricing if they are unable to be remade. 
These were the 2nd remake, as well, since the first pair didn't pass inspection.  I'm nervous that there won't be any more cappuccino shell. 
New Posts  All Forums: