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I'm sure it's been answered, but the search function isn't the greatest in this forum.   How is the fit of the Kenilworth compared to other 5-65 lasted shoes such as the Strand?  Is it worth going down 0.5 due to the construction of the shoe (blucher vs bal)?
I see your point.  Outside of their boots, Aldens shoes all look blobby to me....but, I've got a long, narrow foot so blobby doesn't necessarily work for me.  I would likely wear Kenilworths to work (business casual) and wouldn't pair them with a suit when I need to dress up.  The MTO that I'm thinking about would be golden brown CXL with the red Dainite sole.  I figure I could also wear them with jeans, as well. 
This is more of a preference question, I suppose, but I see a lot of people do MTO's with Leeds.  Why not the Kenilworth?  Both are PTB's but I feel that the Kenilworth is a much more attractive shape and I hardly see them in this thread, or the AE Appreciation thread.  Maybe I'm the one that's off? 
In response to DC Office Hack, I couldn't have said it better. 
My MTO Macneils had one spot where the pinking was off and they offered me seconds pricing + some other promotional special.  MTO cappuccino's for $299?  That pinking defect just became character, lol.
Do you tuck in t-shirts?   And tucking in a polo into jeans outside of work makes me think of the way old men dress. 
 Hopefully no one will wear those period! 
I wear 33 Slims and sized down to 32 Slim for the chinos.  Hoping it works!
Eh....I think their slim fit is perfect.  I don't think the majority want the super skinny hipster look.  Given my build, I don't think I could go much skinnier (legs from squats). 
Are the chinos expected to stretch like the denim?  I'm assuming the answer is no.....?   I'm a 33 Slim in the jeans, so would that translate to the same in the chinos?
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