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Are these MacNeils? 
Forgive my ignorance, but what is a wheeled edge?
    Thanks, gents!
For those of you that might own two of the same model shoe, one in calfskin & one in shell, do you change the size?  I know that with shell versions tend to be a bit roomier, but is it enough to warrant a size change?   {apologies for all of the questions lately}
 I've decided on all of the other details of my MTO outside of the sole/welt.  It's between a double butyl sole w/ split reverse, a single butyl sole w/ split reverse (think Neumok's), or a single butyl sole w/ flat welt. 
lol, no worries.  I do find the uncle/nephew thing to be very creepy, to put it lightly. 
Thank you so much!  Are those Aldens or AE's?  
 What a timely post!  Do you happen to have any side profile shots? 
Are there any examples of an Alden LWB on a single sole, either with a flat welt or split reverse?  I found one, but I was wondering if there were any other versions......thanks!  
I don't think this looks too bad.....it's an Alden LWB with a flat welt and single sole.  Decisions, decisions..... 
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