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Any time frame on that wax cotton jacket?
I missed the Okayama Standard......again
Has anyone done a more casual leathered Kenilworth?  I had a thought of a brown CXL Kenilworth, a more natural welt and maybe a double butyl sole.  Just wondering if anyone else had a visual....
Has anyone received the Italian Greenline?  I just backed a pair and wasn't sure if there were prior runs that people have already received....would love to see pictures if they're available. 
The shirt length, sleeve length and arm hole position was perfect for me, along with the neck.  However, it was very tight across the chest and shoulder areas.
I'm 6ft tall and 165-170lbs and the medium was SUPER snug on me....so much so that I sold it. 
Your level of anger is what I'm finding to be irrational  If it'll make you feel more at ease, I'll delete my post and move on and you can do the same. 
 Cool your jets. It's been mentioned multiple times (even in the past couple of posts) that calling slows down the process and she has even mentioned in prior emails that email is the best way to get in contact with her. 
Something doesn't look quite right about the Carson City....
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