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That's pretty typical for boots, so I'm told, and has to do with the individuals step vs. the boot being defective.
I had a September 26th (tifosi was around that time, as well) MTO and haven't heard much from Allison.  Coming up on the 8 week mark this week, I believe.
tifosi, did you ever hear back from Allison?  I got the one email and have heard nothing since. 
I think either dark chocolate brown or bourbon.  Merlot would be ok, but for me I'm not a fan of it as a casual color, for some reason. 
 That's what it is....it looks phallic. 
 Something doesn't look quite right with this boot, but I can't quite put my finger on it.  There's something weird about the proportions.....
I placed an MTO cappuccino Macneil order in late September and am still waiting. 
Up for sale I have a pair of Allen Edmonds Dalton boots in burnished walnut leather.  They are size 11B and also have a topy that has been applied by a local shoe shop.  The ONLY reason I'm selling these is because they don't fit me quite right, and since I had a topy added I can't return them to Allen Edmonds.  As a side note, the addition of the topy does not impact the boots ability to be recrafted.    While I owned them they always had AE shoe trees in them when not...
I heard back from her last night.  She said she had tried to contact manufacturing to get an update, but did not hear back so she sent them an email and will let me know when she hears back.
I did, as well.  I'm wondering if there is some sort of issue seeing as others who placed MTO's after me have already received their shoes.  Hmm...
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