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AKA, read through a locked 221 page thread, lol.
The boots definitely look attractive at that pricepoint.  They remind me of Oak Street Bootmakers trench model.
Gustin folks.....any hints on whether or not anything like the GreyXBlue might be dropping soon?  OR any type of grey denim? 
I don't need something that heavy.  I've got the oka standards, the japan union blue and the graphite chinos.  Now that I think about it, the union blues are 12oz and they are fairly lightweight, so the indigo canvas would be even lighter.  Ehhh...I'll probably pass.  It would be nice as a chino, but I'm flush with navy chinos, lol.
Hmm....I'm tempted by the canvas jean make up.  10.75oz canvas should be decent in cold weather, right?
I wear a 32 slim in the jeans, and a 33 slim/regular in the chinos.
Black calf PA, Shell PA, black alden, brown strand.....in that order.
http://www.saddlebackleather.com/#built-in-usa Built in Texas as far as I know.  In any event, if it was made in Mexico, or wherever, it's still a high quality product as far as I'm concerned.
Their (Saddleback's) Thin Briefcase w/o front pockets is pretty clean looking, versus the more rugged regular briefcases with front pockets.  I do have a Ghurka briefcase, too, that I use when I need to go to a formal meeting/event.  The nice thing about the SB is that I don't care if it gets beat up, scuffed, or what have you....whereas the Ghurka I'm kind of a nut about, lol.
Am I reading that correctly?  $645? Take that money, go purchase a Saddleback leather briefcase that will likely be of higher quality.....take the remainder cash and buy a few pair of low priced Shoebank shoes, lol.
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