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I think the fabric feels a bit more substantial.  A medium in a Gustin shirt fits me a bit better than a medium in an AmApp medium.
Any thoughts or opinions on the New Utility vs the Chico?  I tried on the New Utility today (medium) and liked it....it almost seems like the Chico is a trimmer and lighter version of the New Utility....correct?  Would the sizing be the same?
The more I wear my Gustin t-shirts the more I realize that they could become my go-to t-shirt.  I backed a few more campaigns....the fit and comfort are great for the price.       I also recently backed the red chino's.....perfect GTH pants, lol.
Up for sale is my very lightly used Gustin Chorecoat in their waxed charcoal fabric.  The only reason I'm selling is that I'm purchasing a Barbour jacket, of similar style and fabric, and wouldn't want this Gustin coat to just sit in a dark closet.   I purchased this from Gustin and it has seen roughly a dozen wears.  No stains, no tears, no blemishes.   The jacket itself is very well constructed and looks equally as nice with denim or business casual attire.   From...
Do you wear the same size in both?  Does one fit differently than the other?
I had a Fjallraven jacket that was waxed.  I bought their G-1000 wax (in house name) and was able to rewax the jacket no problem.  Blow dry and patience.
Does anyone have any pictures/reviews of the flannel lined truckers?
  Love 'em!  I've got nearly the identical make up, except mine are in cappuccino shell vs brown.  THey've aged very well!
Haha.....red chinos like that (or other non-traditional colors) are referred to as GTH pants.  As in, Go To Hell pants, lol.
I'm digging those red chino's.....would be great for baseball season (Cardinals).
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