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How's the sizing on the Universities compared to the Strand (or other similarly lasted shoes)?
I've seen that ostrich delray floating around, lol.  I assumed that they removed it during the online sales, only to put it back up at full 2nd price. 
^^^Nice!  I think bourbon/walnut go great with gray/charcoal.  I don't quite understand how people would disagree with that. 
I measure as just a hair under 11 length, and a B width on a Brannock device.  I sized down to 10.5 for the trench and the fit in the toebox area is a bit wide, but the heel is just right.
Yep, color 8 CXL.  I've jsut picked up the natty CXL trench boot in the past week, or so, and it's breaking in wonderfully :)
Quoted for irony sake, lol. Gents...if a shoe works for you, from a practical standpoint or a fashion standpoint, so be it.  Let the anonymous internet hipsters fall by the wayside.
I use Saphir Renovator on most calfskin shoes, followed by a cream polish and a wax polish.  On chromexcel/cordovan I use VSC or Saphir's neutral cordovan cream.  Saphir stuff works wonderfully, I've found. 
To echo what others have said, I would definitely be calling CS or returning them with that type of crease.  That's not normal.
Hello!   I purchased these shoes not too long ago, only to find out that they were a bit too tight for me. They are in excellent condition, as the pictures show, and have been shoe tree'd, bagged and kept in the closet for some time. I've used Venetian Shoe Creamo on them a few times and the leather, itself, is in great condition. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have!
Also, are people using Venetian shoe cream, or another product?  I've used Saphir Renovator on CXL and have had good results, but it's always been darker leather.  Would Reno darken the natural CXL?  Does VSC?
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