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I'm digging the olive denim.  First pair of jeans that I've backed in a while. 
I'm curious, as well.  $160 for a CXL fully laced set of boat shoes seems like a great deal.
Who makes their boat shoes?  When I see "crafted in Maine" Rancourt immediately comes to mind.
Anyone have any good, in the wild pictures of the gilman camp moc in natty cxl?
Which post has the trunk show info?
I've got that exact jacket, except I purchased it from End. I'm 6ft flat,165lbs, wear a 40R jacket and the large commander fits me perfectly.
Any word on when short sleeve button downs will be out again?  Given their production time, I figured they would be out by now.
I've got a sizing question about the Maritime and Kirkwood. I wear 10B in Rancourts camp moc...Would the sizing of the Maritime be pretty close to that rancourt?
I love how the field jacket looks, but the sizing is kind of goofy.  I wear a large in their chore coat, and the large in the field jacket doesn't seem to really line up.  Sleeve length and chest size for the large are going to be too small, and the XL too big, I think. 
 Do people have to undo the top button to go pee in button flys?  Gustin jeans/chino's aren't super low rise, so there shouldn't be a problem.
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