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Does Rancourt have Factory 2nd's like AE also has?
Indeed!  This is my first Rancourt experience and their CS is proving to be excellent. From those pictures it looks like it might be a dressier leather?  Or maybe it's just the pictures.  I'm drawn to CXL due to its durability and casual-to-business-casual appearance along with it's aging qualities.  I wonder if this Teak Fargo maintains those same characteristics.
I heard back from Katie at Rancourt in regards to my natty cxl loafers that I posted a page ago.  Sometimes there are issues getting a tight topline with CXL loafers, and they have offered to remake them (at no cost) in Teak Fargo leather (a veg tanned leather).  Anyone ever heard of this type?  Pictures?
Thanks for the reply!  I have a few other CXL shoes....boots, in particular.  So, do you think that the bowing will go away with breaking them in?  Or is that just the nature of how these are made...?
      I just received these from Rancourt and the picture is my first "try on".     They are 10B natty CXL loafers, as you can see.  My question is about the left shoe, particularly the outside edge towards the rear.  It's bowed out pretty significantly, in my opinion.  Is this normal?  It wouldn't bother me if it went away when I put them on, but as you can see, that's not the case.  Am I being too critical? 
Or today even!  lol  How would you say the Italy Pure Blue compares in color to the Oka Standard?  It fits the bill of lighter weight, but is the color substantially different?
@joshgustin and Team Gustin.....     As I look from my office window on this dreary December day here in St. Louis, I'm thinking ahead to warmer months.  Given your typical lead time after a successful campaign, do you all have any plans to offer some lighter shades of denim around late December/early January in anticipation of spring and the warmer months?  Something along the lines of the Summer Blue/Japan Azure/Italian Powder Blue, or something similar?
How's the sizing on the Universities compared to the Strand (or other similarly lasted shoes)?
I've seen that ostrich delray floating around, lol.  I assumed that they removed it during the online sales, only to put it back up at full 2nd price. 
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