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I love the quality of them, but I think the weight of the fabric trips up the buttons, somehow. 
Does everyone else with duck canvas chinos have button problems?  I'm about to have my 3rd button pop off, lol. 
I'm really hoping for this.  I posed the question on their instagram release of the boat shoe, but no response. 
Their medium t-shirts fit me perfectly (6ft, 165lbs) but I went with a large sweatshirt.  The center back is slightly shorter in the sweatshirt, for one....and two, I don't need the sweatshirt to be as trim fit as the t-shirts....hopefully my thought process proves to be correct!
I wore my Oka Standards yesterday for the first time in probably 6 months.....weather is finally starting to cool down.  The heaviness of them versus my Japan Union Blues is a nice change.
That's kind of what I was leaning towards.  It's on the 5-65 last, so I'm assuming the same size as what I wear in Strand, Neumok, etc. right?  11B....
Thoughts on the bourbon Lexington versus the chili Lexington?   I've got walnut strands, brown burnished delrays, cappuccino cordovan macneils, black mcallisters and olive green nuemoks.....so, I'm looking to add another pair and am leaning towards the chil from a versatility/variety standpoint.   Any opinions?
Love the shade of the Japan Steel.....do not love the lightweight fabric heading into the fall/winter months. 
The boots look nice.  Natty CXL is an amazing leather.
Sure, when you know what term to search for, lol. Reading now...  Edit:  Definitely concerning, but I have not had any of the negative experiences that I read about in that thread, or the subsequent links within the thread.  Leather hasn't creased any more, or less, than other CXL shoes that I own....I don't see any stretching on the leather around the welt, etc.  If they are really not true goodyear welts, that is unfortunate, as they advertise as such.  However, I have...
New Posts  All Forums: