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  Thoughts on this? It's a BB knit, and I'd probably replace the buttons if purchased.
Going on five years in NYC, I've experienced a lot (although not as much as some of the longer tenured folks here), but the two things that absolutely get me are the loud ass music in the subway (non-headphones and non-Showtime edition) and the people getting on before everyone gets off. Shit drives me bonkers. 
Looks incredible! 
Went to the SoHo NYC store last weekend - place was crawling with SS salespeople. Maybe they got the memo or heard the feedback, but there were easily 20-25 different employees on the floor (well, two floors) at any given time. I remember going when it first opened a few years ago, and it was just the one floor and the same 4-5 salespeople. Times are a changing.   Anyway, in relation to what they had in stock, they had a surprisingly large selection - most of the time...
Justin, is there any way to get the all-white Greenwood? I kind of like it as is.
Related to some of the above posts, do you have a MTO page, or a site (or list) where you can see the leather/suede options?
Sounds great. If I can, I'll wait it out to try the standard model, as I've never ordered before and don't have my exact sizing down. But definitely will be in touch soon either way!
Is this up and running yet?
 I would pay a lot of money for this shoe. 
I actually disagree. For one, I don't think the lapels are at all too slim, nor do I think the jacket too short for your frame. The slightly shorter jacket is still very much in the "acceptable" range, and it has the added benefit of lengthening your bottom half (exactly what a shorter jacket is supposed to do), which lengthens you visually. The slightly smaller lapel also necessarily complements your small point-to-point shoulders - I actually think it works. I agree with...
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