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This may be stating the obvious, but it also makes sense to check the actual sleeve length. Sleeves that are too short may be hitting the elbow at a point in the shirt that's slimmer then the rest of the arm. It may help to add some back pleats to account for that reaching forward pulling that I sometimes get :-). 
Not to resurrect an old thread, but as a client, I felt I could lend my perspective on a few things that have been both said and speculated upon.    For one, I think it's generally correct, as someone did earlier, to call this a glorified Southwick MTM. There is, in effect, a "basted" fitting that you get, which matches up with the more traditional bespoke experience. You fill out a basic profile online (pretty standard, and easily done) about your fitting experiences...
Has anyone else found their new selections a bit lacking? Seems like a lot of simple grids and blues/whites the past few releases. I appreciate when PC went a bit sexier with some of their fabric choices, and am looking forward to some of those selections in the fall. Also, bring back the corduroy!
Like primarily all MTM/bespoke outposts, your satisfaction in terms of fit is 100% determined by the person doing your fitting and measurements. A great (or terrible) MTM varies even using the same person, not even with respect to different tailors, houses, or in alternate cities. I had a tux done several years ago (the associate has since moved on), and the jacket fits superbly. The pants, while not perfect, are pretty great for MTM (I am incredibly hard to fit and please...
You should not reduce the chest measurement. The box pleat is mostly stylistic at this point, it serves very little functional effect on shirts. 
Anybody have thoughts on how to fix the pocket flare on one of my Havanas? The jacket fits me like a dream, but the pants are pretty much unwearable. I should ask to take out the hips/seat, I presume?
Justin - thoughts on when the Madison re-stock is coming through? I'm eyeing the green/burgundy suede loafers. 
 1.) I would drop to 22.25.  2.) You could drop it, but keep in mind that lower back "fullness" (as you call it) often won't be alleviated by taking in the side seam. You could also add darts, which should significantly help.  Otherwise the shirt looks good. Stop fretting. 
Ah! Can't decide which one to get! Justin, you recommend the same sizing as in oxfords?
I'm 13 PC shirts deep and won't be stopping anytime soon.    In terms of the new layout - I like the search bar - I always remembered fabrics via what they were called and generally always forgot to favorite them. I'm sure you've heard this a million and one times already, but I wish that the shirt "simulator" on the left hand side had more options than the traditional button-down, English spread, point, and Londoner. Knowing it might be super crazy to have all of them,...
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