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Ah! Can't decide which one to get! Justin, you recommend the same sizing as in oxfords?
I'm 13 PC shirts deep and won't be stopping anytime soon.    In terms of the new layout - I like the search bar - I always remembered fabrics via what they were called and generally always forgot to favorite them. I'm sure you've heard this a million and one times already, but I wish that the shirt "simulator" on the left hand side had more options than the traditional button-down, English spread, point, and Londoner. Knowing it might be super crazy to have all of them,...
 This is a hilariously attractive shoe - incredible work!
  This is a must-buy for me - love that cotton suiting!  
Purchased the cardigan and pants a few days ago, getting them in today. This is my first piece of knitwear from S/S, and am surprised by how slim the fit is (I bought a M at 6' and 190). Additionally, I'm equally frustrated at the inconsistency in the pants sizing. This is my third odd pair of pants, and all have fit very differently (one perfectly, one decently, and the linked one poorly).
Both look absolutely fantastic!   Unrelatedly - Justin, ever thought about doing a sneaker?
Could be a million different things, although most likely just your hips/posture. The coat looks great, though. If the divot re-appears, returns are always doable. 
I'm not a big loafer guy, but I agree here. Those look excellent!
  Anyone thinking of pulling the trigger on this corduroy Havana that's up for pre-orders? I'm intrigued.
 Half-canvassed suits have canvas in the lapels. 
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