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Sounds great. If I can, I'll wait it out to try the standard model, as I've never ordered before and don't have my exact sizing down. But definitely will be in touch soon either way!
Is this up and running yet?
 I would pay a lot of money for this shoe. 
I actually disagree. For one, I don't think the lapels are at all too slim, nor do I think the jacket too short for your frame. The slightly shorter jacket is still very much in the "acceptable" range, and it has the added benefit of lengthening your bottom half (exactly what a shorter jacket is supposed to do), which lengthens you visually. The slightly smaller lapel also necessarily complements your small point-to-point shoulders - I actually think it works. I agree with...
If you can, give us the low down on the experience - I'm probably going to pull the trigger in a few months, and would love to hear a bit more about how the process works. 
 Do you know where the fabrics from EG are sourced? Are you familiar with the factories that produce each garment, and the individuals who do so? I don't trust information from people on "materials and construction" who are not experienced tailors (or those who work in the textile industry). Frankly, everyone else has no idea what they're talking about. 
 What evidence do you have that the quality is better?
 This is the exact same coat they had last season. I remember going to buy it and returning it the next day (ended up buying a similar coat from somewhere else - initially didn't like the fit), but now I kind of regret it.
 I love this shirt. 
Looks like a pure marketing scheme to me. I'd expect them to be half-canvassed - they must be trying to increase the value component of their brand and distance it slightly from some of the more luxe products they offer. Get people in the door with their basic Blue Line option and build a strong, returning customer base that's willing to spend money on future suiting in other lines and models. 
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