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    Is that lens significantly better than the 18-55mm lens that comes standard with a Nikon?  That's what I always shoot with, just because I know absolutely nothing about my camera or photography in general.  I do know that I'm often unsatisfied with my listing pictures... probably because I don't know what I'm doing.
  The only good thing to come out of this thread in the last 24 hours.  Glad to have you back !   On a side note, may I remind people that there is a "block member" button (I just mentally block).  Ignoring people may be a more effective way to make people go away than arguing, and it takes up fewer posts.
  I've seen that label on Canali dress shirts before, so I would assume its real but a bit old.  Sounds odd though... polyester outerwear in the style of a sportcoat?
    If I don't strike a deal with anyone, then I'll probably be holding on to these for a while for future barters.  So if you ever find a Kiton in 16/35", you know who to talk to!
Some recent finds.   Ties:   [[SPOILER]]   Suits & SC's   [[SPOILER]]   Shirts:   [[SPOILER]]
  Have you actually sold any cuff links yet?  I see them all the time for $5-$10 a pair, but I got the impression that the vtg cuff link market is completely flooded and that they aren't worth hardly anything.  I'm curious if I have been completely wrong about that.
  Wow, I don't know if Spoo could have gotten that good of a price on that SC .  Its gotta be the pictures 
Suit...pretty nice.  Person who owned it...legendary.     [[SPOILER]]
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