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  That doesn't make sense to me.  If something is recent and in really nice condition, who cares where its from and the fact its in a thrift store.  I would honestly consider buying a $350 Kiton from a GW if it was recent, in nice shape, and my size.     To me it seems like a bad habit to regularly sell stuff to SF members for dirt cheap.  Sure it makes sense to send a Charles Tyrwhitt shirt to someone for cheap, but anyone who is sending off quality suits/jackets like...
Does anyone know anything about women's shoes?  Picked these up, and I'm not sure if they are real or fake.  Quality seems nice, but the current Prada shoes label says "Prada Milano", not "Prada Made in Italy".  Anyone know?   [[SPOILER]]     Also picked up this beast for $6 (98.6% off retail), as seen here http://www.rugby.com/shop/item.aspx?productId=11884479&categoryId=11373427&cp=3138868.  This is made by Corneliani, right?  Fits me well, so unavailable.  ...
  If I were you and I ended up reselling something I didn't want anymore, then I would split the profit 50/50 with the person who sold it to me for cheap.  
  That blazer looks pretty sweet.  Its got to be right near the label switch date, and I wouldn't doubt its authenticity because you can see some quality even in the pictures.  I've never seen anything like it, nice buy.
  .  Suit or SC?
  +1, the Pal Zileri Sartoriale shirt that I have is one of my favorites.   If you can find the pants to the Proposta, then I would probably buy it if it is less than $10.  I don't think there is much demand for the Proposta line since it is relatively old and often outdated styling.
  I hate to quote myself, but I'd really like to get some details on these two Gucci items.  Any idea when these are from, and are either from Tom Ford era?   And Spoo, are either of these the types of things you could get an outrageous selling price out of, or are they pretty common Gucci items?
Its available.   Chest: 21.5" Shoulders: 18.75" Length: 30.25" Sleeve: 25"   I forgot to mention that the same owner also donated a black double breasted blazer by Zegna.  It was about the same age as the T&A, and they wanted $20 so I passed.  However, the quality and condition was pretty much right in line with the T&A.  If anyone wants me to try to pick it up for them, I can probably get it for $50 shipped (the store is a bit of a drive away).
Not a bad weekend of thrifting for me...WAIT A MINUTE, IT WAS AN AMAZING WEEKEND         .  I guess compared to some of the other stuff that's been posted lately none of this will appear that great (a NWT Prada suit that was posted like it was no big deal...seriously??? that's a grail find), but some of this stuff is very rare for my area.     [[SPOILER]]
  Absolutely!  There's a wide range of expenses you can deduct, including mileage on a car which is a HUGE deduction ($0.55 per mile).  You just have to make sure that you keep very detailed records.  For mileage, you should have some sort of mileage sheet that you write on for every trip.  Anything less than that the IRS probably would not accept.  Some other things you could deduct would be the cost of items sold, storage equipment for clothing, dry cleaning & tailoring...
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