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  Have you actually sold any cuff links yet?  I see them all the time for $5-$10 a pair, but I got the impression that the vtg cuff link market is completely flooded and that they aren't worth hardly anything.  I'm curious if I have been completely wrong about that.
  Wow, I don't know if Spoo could have gotten that good of a price on that SC .  Its gotta be the pictures 
Suit...pretty nice.  Person who owned it...legendary.     [[SPOILER]]
Solid weekend of out-of town thrifting, and I have a few questions.  I'll be posting my finds separately tonight and maybe tomorrow.   First, this was a "spidey-sense" buy.  It doesn't seem like Alan Mcafee shoes goes for much on the bay, but apparently some of their stuff is made by Church's and even Crockett & Jones.  Anyone know anything about Mcafee's, or who the maker of these was?     [[SPOILER]]
  Burberry trench's are the one thing that are probably worth picking up with the old "Burberry's" tag.  From my understanding, Burberry's and Aquascutum made some of the most popular and best quality trench coats for several decades back in the day. Someone can feel free to correct me on that.  Plus they do pretty well on ebay. http://www.ebay.com/csc/Coats-Jackets-/57988/i.html?_nkw=burberry+trench&LH_Complete=1&rt=nc   I wouldn't say that absolutely nothing with the...
  I'm pretty sure Taglio Exclusivo is their MTM line.  The trofeo is a fabric Zegna uses, and its definitely pretty nice.  I think the Trofeo stuff and 15 mil mil stuff is right under EZ Couture.  I don't know anything about high performance, but its probably another fabric.  I'm guessing both those suits are from the late 90s or possibly early 2000s.   On a side note, I think that windowpane suit is literally the exact same suit I sold about a month...
  I'm pretty sure those are real just from looking at the pictures.  I have a pair of fake ray-bans aviators, and it is incredibly obvious that they are fake.  They are extremely flimsy, have plastic-like lenses, and have absolutely no writing on them anywhere other than the "Ray-ban" on the top right lens. Your's look to be pretty good quality and have the details.  As a general rule, I've found that fake items don't show up hardly ever at thrift stores (with the...
  Its just a little bit old.  Before 3-5 years ago, BB didn't have the Madison, Regent, or Fitzgerald lines.  There was just mainline, 346 (the outlet), and ones like golden fleece and hand tailored.  This is just regular mainline and probably from 2000-2003.  I definitely would not buy it, as its nothing really special and likely an orphan.  After spending enough time thrifting, you'll find yourself running into BB stuff with this label pretty often.
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