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^^ I'm pretty sure they thrift together
  Agreed.  This is a personal opinion, but when it comes to clothes I wear myself, the quality and maker is meaningless if the styling is outdated.  The gorge is definitely low on the C&C, so despite the fact that its a nice blazer, it still won't look as good as some cheapo recent blazer.  That especially applies since you're a skinny guy.   That being said, I would still buy the C&C blazer to sell, because many others don't care (or don't realize) that it is outdated.
Two suits for a grand total $9        [[SPOILER]]         [[SPOILER]]
      Awesome, thanks
Recent Black Herringbone Ermenegildo Zegna 15 MilMIl 15 Sport Coat Gently worn, excellent condition Size 44R Side vented Two-button Partially lined Made in Italy $300 CONUS, PM if internation   Measurements: Chest: 23.5" Waist: 22" Sleeves: 25" (1" to let out) Shoulders: 20" Length: 31.5"    
Current, NWT Ralph Lauren Rugby Italian Wool Blazer Made by Caruso Size 40L (tagged 42L, but very slim-fitting) Single vented Surgeon's cuffs $300 CONUS, PM if international   Measurements: Chest: 20.5" Waist: 19.75" Sleeve Length: 26.5" Shoulders: 19" Length: 31.25"    
  This is how I picture you looking  But seriously, are you in the cast of one of the storage unit shows?
Current label, barely worn Zegna suit in 100% wool Tagged 40L, but full-cut and measures closer to a 42L Double vented Double pleated and uncuffed pants $375 Shipped CONUS, PM for international   Measurements: Jacket Chest: 22" Waist: 21" Sleeve length: 26.5" (1.5" can be let out) Shoulders: 19.5" Length:  32" Pants Waist: 34" (2.5" can be let out) Inseam: 34.75" (1.5" can be let out) Outseam: 45.75"  Cuff opening:...
Ebay thrift... kind of.   I saw this auction, and after a few bids I decided to pull the trigger on the BIN.  Definitely a little risk involved   So it arrived in the mail today, and what was in the package?   [[SPOILER]]
I'm having trouble deciding whether this is Corneliani, Canali, or Caruso, since the labels are so similar.  My first guess was Corneliani, but then I thought the script "Superfine 100'S" looked like something on a Caruso jacket.  Then I realized that it could also be Canali since that has such a similar label.  Any insight?  
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