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Forgot about these, Ferragamos probably not available, others maybe   Also, I should have mentioned in my shirt post that I would like to end up keeping a good amount of them for myself.  They're technically all available, but the ones with the patterns I like most I'll need more $ to part with.  I'll get back to people on pm's later.
All from this morning, and my closet was full in the first place.  I love and hate this hobby all at the same time .   When I say NWOT, it really is NWOT.  When I say maybe NWOT, the seller claimed it was NWOT but I'm not positive about it.   Lot 1: NWT T&A 16", NWOT Brioni XXLish, Mint(maybe NWOT) Brioni 15.5", Mint T&A 15.5"   Lot 2: Mint (maybe NWOT) Ricci Linen 16", NWOT Ricci 15.75", NWOT Armani 16.5", NWOT Brioni 16"   Lot 3: Fendi...
Part two of the haul coming later today: dress shirt edition
  I don't know, your haul was pretty sick too.  We were pretty close for there to be a clear winner.  I'm about to leave for round 2 this morning . . . tie-breaker?  (I won't be able to match yesterdays... ever again in my life)
DM7, I challenge you  (as a side note, I've dealt with DM7 before and he's a really good guy.  I don't think he deserves the shit he gets)   All NWT T&A's   All NWT - Brioni, Barba, Isaia   Preowned but mint Brioni's   Preowned but mint - Luciano Barbera, Borrelli, Truzzi   Preowned and near mint, but need washed - Brioni x2, Borrelli   NWT Wool   T&A x3, Ricci x2, Brioni, Charvetx3   Spoo?   Alden...
Brace yourselves for a dm7'ish post... except better
NWT old stock Zegna Cashmere SC, unvented .  Has Zegna ever created anything single vented?  Its like they skipped the era of single vents and went straight to side-vents.     Armani Collezioni suit that I determined to be "barely" recent enough to pick up.  Also unvented         The two most bad to the bone double breasted suits I've ever come across.  Both side vented and pretty recent.  They were made for someone that's built like a...    
^^ I'm pretty sure they thrift together
  Agreed.  This is a personal opinion, but when it comes to clothes I wear myself, the quality and maker is meaningless if the styling is outdated.  The gorge is definitely low on the C&C, so despite the fact that its a nice blazer, it still won't look as good as some cheapo recent blazer.  That especially applies since you're a skinny guy.   That being said, I would still buy the C&C blazer to sell, because many others don't care (or don't realize) that it is outdated.
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