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  I've found that any clothing or accessories by TM Lewin and Charles Tyrwhitt is not really worth trying to flip.  Its always disappointing, because their stuff is pretty decent quality and great style.  I found a really nice Charles Tyrwhitt blazer that took me forever to sell, and I only made a small profit.  In fact, it looks like you could buy a TM Lewin suit on ebay for less than $75. 
A few recent pickups.  The first two are really great quality custom-made SC's.  My research indicates that the maker has been in the business a long time, and the garments are pretty expensive.  They're fully canvassed, have surgeon's cuffs, lots of pick stitching, and great fabric.     If the measurements work for anyone, send me a pm with an offer.  I need closet space, so I'm willing to give them away for pretty cheap.   First is a navy & blue windowpane. Side vented,...
Authenticity check.  Anyone know?   And nice find with those Persol 2720's CottonDockers.  I bought those off ebay in the spring and absolutely love them.  Those look like they are in better condition then mine too!            
Sartoria Partenopea?  Only label on the inside of the jacket says Cuzzen's, which I believe is a store in Vegas.  Thanks in advance.    
15% Discount for purchases of 3 or more shirts Prices include shipping to CONUS.  Please PM if international buyer. Please see my eBay ID for additional feedback references http://stores.ebay.com/Icks-Mens-Store First to pay gets the shirt Unless otherwise noted in a shirt description, the below condition guides apply - All NWT shirts have a store tag on them.  Some are partially torn or marked with a sharpie.  I believe most of the NWT shirts are non-current...
  The pink tag is just from the drycleaners.  I'm not sure why they do that, but my guess is it tells them how to dryclean it so they know immediately if you bring it back in.
Yesterday's pickups.  None available at the moment.   Another 18 shirts in a mix between Brioni, Borrelli, Chester Barrie, Ricci, and T&A. A Brioni wool lined trench coat (been needing one of these, so I have to decide whether or not to keep) A NWT Brioni suit, with about 5 moth holes in the jacket.  Strongly considering reweaving.   My buddy took a NWT, pure cashmere DB overcoat by Luciano Barbera
I've never had anything reweaved before, so I don't have a good feel for how high the cost can get depending on the extent of damage.  I would probably send to withoutatrace unless someone has a better recommendation.   The first is a Luciano Barbera Collezioni Sartoriale blazer.         The second is a Brioni suit.  Pants are in pretty bad shape as you can see, and the jacket as a pinhole sized hole on the lapel.
HOLD THE PHONE!     I was going through some of my pickups from the weekend haul, and decide to look up the maker of a couple of my Luciano Barbera Collezioni Sartoriale jackets.  Are these who I think they are?          [[SPOILER]]         [[SPOILER]]   They fit me like a glove, not available
Shoes are size 11E, 11.5A, 12D.  Sorry Brian!
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