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I have three labels I can't figure out.  Any ideas?   First is on a Salvatore Ferragamo SC     Second is on a Donna Karen Sartoriale SC.  I realize DKNY stuff is usually nothing notable, but the jacket is fully canvassed and appears to be great quality.     Last is on a Luciano Barbera mainline SC (not sartoriale)  
  I've done the same thing.  It just takes way too long to upload the pictures to a host then do the html coding for each listing.  And no, I don't think this is too big of a deal, especially because eBay now has higher quality images.  It seems like tons of sellers are making that move, and I'm guessing buyers will get more used to it in the future.
  I don't think so.  I asked my tailor (who also makes bespoke garments) to do that with one of my jackets, and he said it wouldn't hold up because of the way the lapels are constructed.  
I try to run my operations out of my closet, but things inevitably spread throughout my apartment.     While I'm posting these pictures, I'll brag about my personal wardrobe I've built up in the past year since I started thrifting.  All the dress shirts hanging are mine to keep, along with several of the suits, sc's, and pairs of shoes.  I did a little counting, and I came up with:   shirts: 8-10 Brioni 3 Kiton 3 RLPL 3 Borrelli 3 T&A 1 Loro Piana 1 Oxxford Some other...
I have a seller that I follow that buys his clothing from one of the highest end men's stores in NYC, and he has absolutely no idea what the brands are that he buys.  He consistently lists his items under the "store name" rather than the brands, and I completely take advantage of it.  
How do you ship ties?  Folded or rolled up, and in a bubble mailer or box?
  Did you ship it to his confirmed addressed, and print the shipping through label through eBay?  You should ALWAYS do that so that you have proof you shipped it to the right place.  If you did that, then I'd call the post office to see why that would have happened.  I think buyers might be able to reroute a package if they have a tracking number (maybe).  After that, I would probably just let him file a dispute and let eBay decide what to do.  I'm guessing they would...
Definitely without.     I know very little about HTML code, so I created my template in an HTML builder that requires absolutely no knowledge of HTML.  Its just a webbrowser called SeaMonkey, but it has a built in program called "composer".  You may want start with the code of someone else's ebay template just to have a starting point, but you obviously should make significant changes.
A question for heavier volume ebayers.  How do you keep records for tax purposes?  Do you use any software?  I currently have a pretty sophisticated excel spreadsheet that I built with tons of code and some low-level macros.  I enter in a description and cost for every item I buy, so that I can track cost of goods sold.  After a year of doing this though, my spreadsheet has over 1000 rows and 10 tabs, and it is getting very slow.  I'm thinking about getting quickbooks or...
  They're size 13B, so definitely a market for that.  And you're right, 540 Euros is outrageous.  Completed listings on the bay show a pair of brand new Royal Imperials in shell going for a little over $200.
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