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Someone take me to school on these.  I've never picked up Florsheims before, so all I know is these have lots of nails and are v-cleats.  Imperial's aren't as good as Royal Imperials right?  And when did they stop making these?      
New auction format definitely has better appeal.  My only suggestion is that your new listing format doesn't state anywhere to "scroll down to view highly detailed photos".  With ebay's recent move to allow 12 free pictures at the top, I'm guessing that many sellers will stop adding pictures in the html.  Newcomer buyers might not realize you have better pictures at the bottom.
  In my recent, massive haul of dress shirts, I got a ton of new shirts that were still folded up and pinned in the cardboard and everything.  I unwrapped them all to take measurements and pictures, and it turned out that quite a few of them had the paper tagged ripped off, but still had the barb in them.  Now I have to list them NWOT, but I feel like its impossible to credibly portray to buyers that they are actually NWOT with how bad that is abused on ebay.  So point...
  Thanks, I had no idea about that.  So would you list these shoes as narrow width or standard?  I currently have them listed as narrow, which a potential buyer apparently does not agree with.
Sorry for the double post, but I just received a message from an ebay buyer that confused me.  Can someone confirm the width of these shoes?    
  I have yet to be harmed a single time by the 14 day refund.  In general, I don't know how some of you get so many shitty ebay buyers.  Knock on wood, but I have yet to have a single buyer that tried to screw me over or scam me.  I ship internationally without tracking, provide a wide return window, and even ship to countries like Romania.  The few times that things have gone wrong with transactions, my buyers have been very honest and understanding.  I even had a buyer...
  +1 on what people said about Missoni.  I've bought a few Missoni shirts with that label in the past, and got something like $15-$20 for them on the bay.    But I'd say the Henry Poole gamble was worth it, especially since it was me with the eyes of chipped granite quote.  It just feels good to pick up something like that, and my moth hole riddled RLPL orphan actually became the beginning of a massive run of amazing luck.  Plus, you'd be kicking yourself so hard if the...
  This is fantastic news... just in time for my new mannequin.  Now I just have to learn how to take half decent pictures.
  That's definitely Brioni, so congrats.  Brioni is definitely one of the premier makers in the world.  It doesn't get a whole lot better than finding one on accident for $4.  As far as age, it looks a little bit older, but not that old.  The two button sleeves were more popular in the 90s I think, and that fabric tag isn't used anymore.  How many vents are on it?  If its side vented, then its an amazing find and who cares how old it is, but unvented jackets are...
  I've found that any clothing or accessories by TM Lewin and Charles Tyrwhitt is not really worth trying to flip.  Its always disappointing, because their stuff is pretty decent quality and great style.  I found a really nice Charles Tyrwhitt blazer that took me forever to sell, and I only made a small profit.  In fact, it looks like you could buy a TM Lewin suit on ebay for less than $75. 
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