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Sorry for the spam , but I've been on the hunt on ebay trying to find some quality, good condition brown and/or black cap toes for at least month now to no avail.  I have many pairs of loafers, wingtips, split-toes, etc, but I've just never came across nice enough cap toes to place in my wardrobe.  I'm willing to pay, but I just can't find anything on ebay that I think is worth it (AE park avenues in semi-good condition have been going for $100+ lately), and finding nice...
Thanks for the response andro. I'm with you on the B looking weird and the weird stitching on the one. My original thought was they might be pre 80s or something before "roman style" was added or something, but I know very little about brioni labels. These are fully canvassed and have the brioni lining so I assumed they were real. They also have the correct size tag.
A few of my finds from the last couple weeks.  All are already up for ebay.  Also, I've been looking hard for some quality, nice condition black and brown cap toe shoes in size 10.5-11 (C or D).  If anyone has something that fits the bill, send me a pm.  I'm willing to pay a good price if its what I'm looking for.       [[SPOILER]]
My first thrift fit, and my first post here in at least a month now that I think about it.       [[SPOILER]]
  Yeah I changed my mind.  I went and looked at my recent imperials, and the logo is different.  The op's shoes probably are the better, vintage imperials.
  Nice find, but I think those are recent Imperials which aren't nearly as good of quality as the vintage ones.  Retail would probably be $150ish     I could be completely wrong about this though.
  I think they're both fake.  The dead give away to me is the cheap looking, shiny labels.  Every fake tie I've ever seen has the paper thin, overly shiny black label that is poorly sewn on. 
  I hear you, since I lurked for a long time before posting.  But the fact is, I stopped posting a majority of my finds a long time ago.  It gets to be pretty time consuming, and even stressful, when you receive an influx of pm's every time you post your best finds.  I've had people send a string of pm's requesting measurements and pictures, then just stop responding all together when they decide they aren't interested.  Most of those people only have a few posts, but I...
Receive check in mail for consignment sales with LuxeSwap... spend money next day in LuxeSwap store.   I couldn't pass up that promo code, too good of deals!  I see how you make money in this business Spoo.
Speaking of ebay sellers, this is my pet peeve seller.  Seriously, who would buy a suit from this dbag?
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