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Does anyone have tips on what to look for in sweaters?  I find sweater thrifting to be very challenging, especially with all the extremely ugly, old ones that get donated.  Are there certain materials or brands that you should automatically buy?
Hmm, I guess I have to do my research on the various weave types.  Each of my shirts are a lighter weave, but they are all different types of weaves.  I have a few Brooks Brothers dress shirts that don't wrinkle hardly at all that seem to be the same type of weave... is this just because the fabric is treated?     I'm just curious if anyone has the issue with serious elbow crease wrinkling just from buttoning up the shirt in the morning.  I'm concerned I might not be...
I just recently entered the stage of my life where I need to dress nicely, and I've noticed that some of my nicest dress shirts (Brioni, Zegna, TP) wrinkle extremely badly and quickly.  In fact, the process of buttoning up my shirt creates very bad wrinkling in the elbow crease of the sleeves.  This is problematic because I typically dress business casual with no jacket, so I show up to the office looking like I never iron my shirts.  The question is, does this happen to...
Started following this thread earlier this summer.  Figured I would start posting some of my finds.     Brooks Brothers Ties   Burberry, XMI, and Vineyard Vines   Armani Collezioni, Giorgio Armani, and Gucci   Gianni Versace, Versace, and Ben Silver (Anyone know anything about these?  Are they anything special?)   Brioni Shirts   Thomas Pink, Zegna, Robert Talbott Bespoke, and Burberry   Oxxford Onwentsia (left, size 42S) and...
Hey everyone.  I'm a college student who started reading this forum when I started a business internship this summer and was trying to figure out what clothes to get.  Since I joined, I've mainly followed the WAYWRN and thrifting thread to get a good idea of the quality brands that are out there.  I'll probably start posting and becoming a little bit more active in the forums due to some questions of been coming up with.    Thanks, Ick
I picked up this Versace blazer a few weeks ago.  Can anyone tell what its made of?  Also, its up for sale if anyone is interested, size is 42L.      
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