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There's no such thing as a free lunch.  I guarantee you if no one ever "layered" the PM envelopes that the shipping cost of Priority Mail would be lower.     I guess my point is that USPS definitely does not condone using the free PM materials for waterproof lining or other things like that.  If I were running USPS, I probably would stop offering the materials for free because so many people are doing that.  It wouldn't surprise me at all if they actually did get rid of...
Perfectly said.  I've thought about this before as well, and I agree that the whole flipping "industry" is beneficial in that it gets the product into the person's hands that values it most.  We fill a crucial role in that we have the time and expertise to find the good stuff and then sell it to people who care.     Also, I hear people complain about thrift prices so often, but sometimes I think it would be best if thrift stores were able to price the good stuff a...
I don't think anyone has ever found anything by Tom Ford... at least not in the last year or so.  Impressive!
  Oh I thought you were acting sarcastically surprised.  I had no idea a grenadine seven fold is so rare.  Awesome!!
That's hilarious if Brian just pm'd Narcissism about my Paul Fredrick tie. Hell yeah Hermes is bragworthy.  Too clarify, I meant the 6-fold I found is not a bragworthy find...Paul Fredrick.  
Does anyone know anything about a brand simply called Sartoria?  Maybe someone can identify the maker based on the label?  I can't find anything on Google, but as far as quality goes these are definitely on par with Brioni, Isaia, Purple Label, etc.  They have outstanding fabric and there is some hand stitching.  Size is 38 with double pleats if anyone is interested.   [[SPOILER]]     Also picked up my second ever Hermes and my first 6-fold.  The brand is not bragworthy,...
  I wanted a little of that swagger that comes with being able to gaze at afar horizon through eyes of chipped granite and say with a slow, manly sniff, "Yeah, I've bought a Ralph Lauren Purple Label jacket."    
So today I go to one store.  I was flipping through suits and sportcoats, seeing nothing but the usual Stafford, Cricketeer, and Jos A Bank.  Finally, I get to the LAST sportcoat on the rack, which appears very nice.  I open to look at the label and BAM...   [[SPOILER]]       Side vented, appears recent...  By the pattern, I knew it was definitely a suit jacket, but the pants weren't with it.  I look over the jacket a little closer, AND      [[SPOILER]]       I tell...
This makes me want to get more into the trading scene.  Those suits look awesome.    As for my recent activity, I will have to post my suit find of a lifetime.  I never in a million years expected to come across a $2,000+ suit that is actually recent... and in MY SIZE!!  I'm super pumped about it, and will post pictures at some point because I really want to figure out exactly how recent it is.
  I won't say anything about it then      Haha, I never realized how badly this is shrunk until measuring.  The length is 24.75" and the chest is 25.25"... yup, its wider than it is long.  
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