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  +1.  Definitely not worth picking up.  As far as I know the only vintage Burberry's stuff worth buying is trench coats.
  I'm pretty sure you're wrong about the Zegna tie.  I think its mainline, but just a little older when they put the Z in the background of the label.  I have had several pieces of clothing with this label.    The Z Zegna line doesn't say "Ermenegildo" anywhere on the label.  I've also had a few pieces of clothing in this line.   [[SPOILER]]     Maybe someone could verify this for me.
  Regardless of who the maker is, I've passed every Armani item I've seen with that label.  This era of Armani was horrible style in my opinion.  It takes discipline to pass items like that, but in the past several months of thrifting I've tried to focus more so on looking for style than brand names.  This has led me to pass up on some older Canali, Zegna (especially the "soft" line), Pal Zileri, and other older labels.     Whenever you list an older item like that on...
  This drives me crazy too.  However, I know a lot of stores encourage people to donate even their heavily damaged clothing, because they cut it up and sell it in bulk as rags.  So its the thrift store making the dick move to put it on the racks.     Use your cell phone, I wanna see that!!
  Noted, thanks.     Thanks, I'm really surprised they are that old.  The styling is a lot more modern then some 8-10 yr old suits I've found.  However, I just did the pinch test and they failed, but I can't say I really care.
Does anyone know anything about Polo RL made in USA suits?  Label looks like this:   [[SPOILER]]     I picked up two suits like this and they are pretty sick.  One is a lightgray birdseye, double-vented, with a ticket pocket and side tabs on the pants.  I love it!   On another note, any opinions on this for the ebay listing pic?  This is one of the Polo RL suits (did I mention these suits are awesome?).  I don't have a mannequin.    [[SPOILER]]
I bought two NWOT Hickey Freeman suits from a thrift for 49.99 each, and they were the LTD. line for Dilliards.  I kept one for myself and sold the other for $150, so it was a great deal for me.  Oh and the one I sold was a horribly ugly unvented black with bronzish pinstripes.  Sometimes its easily worth it to spend that kind of money at a thrift.
Picked up my first thrift store cufflinks today.  There was a pretty large donation of vintage ones, and I picked up the ones I liked most.       Back row: Swank, Hickok, Unbranded (but has patent number for to clasp, which I think makes it 1940s-1950s) Front row: Unbranded, Taxco sterling silver       I've done tons of research to try to educate myself on vintage cufflinks, with a little luck.  The two in the front row are probably the best...
    Mani by Giorgio Armani is a diffusion line, that I don't think is even in production anymore.  Every suit I've found under that line has been from the early 90s or earlier and has had awful styling.  They aren't even that rare to find, since they were sold at places like Macy's.  Go ahead and buy it, but there's a good chance you'll regret it.  Either you'll wear it yourself until you realize how awful the styling is, or you'll sell on ebay for a small profit and get...
    The ***** mean its Zegna's diffusion line... pretty much worthless.  I'll take them off your hands though if they're around size 34.   Okay... maybe it means they are made by Incotex.  
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