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My first thrift fit, and my first post here in at least a month now that I think about it.       [[SPOILER]]
  Yeah I changed my mind.  I went and looked at my recent imperials, and the logo is different.  The op's shoes probably are the better, vintage imperials.
  Nice find, but I think those are recent Imperials which aren't nearly as good of quality as the vintage ones.  Retail would probably be $150ish http://www.florsheim.com/shop/styles/shoes/imperial/page1.html.     I could be completely wrong about this though.
  I think they're both fake.  The dead give away to me is the cheap looking, shiny labels.  Every fake tie I've ever seen has the paper thin, overly shiny black label that is poorly sewn on. 
  I hear you, since I lurked for a long time before posting.  But the fact is, I stopped posting a majority of my finds a long time ago.  It gets to be pretty time consuming, and even stressful, when you receive an influx of pm's every time you post your best finds.  I've had people send a string of pm's requesting measurements and pictures, then just stop responding all together when they decide they aren't interested.  Most of those people only have a few posts, but I...
Receive check in mail for consignment sales with LuxeSwap... spend money next day in LuxeSwap store.   I couldn't pass up that promo code, too good of deals!  I see how you make money in this business Spoo.
Speaking of ebay sellers, this is my pet peeve seller.  Seriously, who would buy a suit from this dbag? http://www.ebay.com/itm/RALPH-LAUREN-PURPLE-LABEL-MENS-CASHMERE-3-PIECE-SUIT-VEST-BROWN-PLAID-42L-6495-/330771665650?pt=US_CSA_MC_Suits&hash=item4d038712f2#ht_14998wt_1344
  You might be right with a lot of this, but it sure would be nice to be able to post some finds without being hounded by a bunch of guys with 5 posts who want every measurement on a Brioni shirt, even though they are only willing to pay $15.   At least with a thread with invited members you know its all good guys who aren't trying to get a steal off you.
  You might want to delete his full name from the post
I have three labels I can't figure out.  Any ideas?   First is on a Salvatore Ferragamo SC     Second is on a Donna Karen Sartoriale SC.  I realize DKNY stuff is usually nothing notable, but the jacket is fully canvassed and appears to be great quality.     Last is on a Luciano Barbera mainline SC (not sartoriale)  
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