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Isn't a 10 yr old Zegna suit going to have the updated Label and Roma/Mila fit? I usually fetch more than $110 for those preowned. I just saw a dead stock zegna tuxedo with that label show up at my local tj maxx and it sold for $799, and I've also seen that Label at Nordstrom Rack. Just saying if that's the Label they come with many people wouldn't view them as 10 yrs old
+1. If the alternative is keeping that $18k in the stock market or invested elsewhere, id take the risk/reward of the suits any day.
Is there a website or any other guidance that help describe what to look for in vintage polo? If I saw that in a store I would have no idea it was anything special.
Ok, except you. You built up a business that few, if any, have been able to replicate, and obviously have some incredible skills to have accomplished that. My point is, any business with low costs to enter are going to have a hard time finding the right personnel to grow the business to the next level, without making some sort of sacrifice.
I'm late to the Linda debate, but to add my 2 cents... can any of you imagine hiring an employee, or multiple, at $10-$15 per hour, teaching them everything you know about brands, market values, photography, and marketing, then still be able to afford them when they realize they can just go off and do their own thing?  And that's assuming you can even find someone at $10-$15 per hour that has the motivation to do all of the above.  Its like expecting a back room thrift...
Holy fugg, this is top 3 all time find for me. After taking a 2-3 yr break from hitting thrift stores, it hasn't taken long to remind me why it's awesome. NIB - a quick eBay search looks like $800 - $1,100. Probably keeping.
If solid gray, a full suit, and in nice condition on the outside I would
Authentic? It doesn't jump out as fake, but the fabric is so lightweight it almost feels like poly. Also confused by the tag which states there is cotton interlining - I can't find cotton anywhere on the shirt.
My 2017 hasn't started as well as some of yours, but I can't complain. Full suit Blazer Normally meh on old zegna... but for $1.99 a pop, I reminded myself they're probably worth more than many Italian dress shirts I would pick up in an instant. NWOT Marshalls - sometimes you make this too easy. This one thrifted for $2. Interesting throwback stamp on the fabric. Normally pass on BB shirts, but got this for the wool. Women's skeet This is...
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