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I've started adding the fg jacket images to toj-gallery.com; figure it'd be nice to keep them all together for posterity. Please let me know if I've missed anything!
I currently run the toj gallery site, mailed Charly a few days ago. Happy to start including FG images or whatever!
 Yeah levis commuter cargo.
Hey guys I haven't checked in here in ages; seems like a total shit-show. If there's any sort of notice or info I should put on toj-gallery.com please let me know. Like who to get in contact with if you're queuing or some such.   If there's any need for technical help in sorting out the drama I can possibly help too (assuming it's nothing crazy - I have a job etc).
Hey @impolyt_one if you want me to put a message on the toj-gallery.com site like "if you're waiting for an order email xyz details to xyz address" let me know. It doesn't get a ton of traffic but maybe someone looking for an update would stumble there.
 Yeah so I finally got the domain crap sorted out; let me know if you spot anything broken. http://toj-gallery.com
 It's been a bit of a slow process waiting for the domain to transfer etc. last I checked it should come through on the 22nd.  
If you're nerdy enough to know what I mean by "add toj-gallery.com to your hosts file" you can check out the gallery again. Shoque has gone radio silent on transferring the domain but hopefully he'll resurface.
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