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Hey @impolyt_one if you want me to put a message on the toj-gallery.com site like "if you're waiting for an order email xyz details to xyz address" let me know. It doesn't get a ton of traffic but maybe someone looking for an update would stumble there.
 Yeah so I finally got the domain crap sorted out; let me know if you spot anything broken. http://toj-gallery.com
 It's been a bit of a slow process waiting for the domain to transfer etc. last I checked it should come through on the 22nd.  
If you're nerdy enough to know what I mean by "add toj-gallery.com to your hosts file" you can check out the gallery again. Shoque has gone radio silent on transferring the domain but hopefully he'll resurface.
Willy put me in contact with Shoque who sent me a copy of the toj-gallery.com images; hopefully we'll get the domain transferred soon and I'll have the site back up.
  Sapeurs - A Short Documentary by GUINNESS (2014)
Is Synth going to have to fight this guy to the death?     via http://wgsn.tumblr.com/image/72663971194
(happy?) Día de Muertos! I know you guys are getting all layered for winter but that means it's heating up for me down here.  
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