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Should have posted earlier but recieved my kudu boots last week! Such soft leather. The colour is a little darker than last run I honk which suits me fine! Now of it wasn't 110 degrees in Australia I could possibly wear them!
I know how you feel jvc. I bought some carmina from gentlemans that were too big! I've added tongue pads and sole which have helped. Have the kudu coming soon- hopefully I have the size down now.
There is normally a little bit of give but I would bank on a lot of stretch. Wjat size did you get?
Bah humbug. Having worked in schools over the globe I can tell you that kids don't care about the commercialism of Halloween. (Or anything fr that matter). They just enjoy dressing up. Hardly think men who spend all day would care that kids like dressing up like a princess or Spider-Man. They probably would talk about our mass consumerism and focus on brands. Or they would just have fun like kids do. We should take a leaf out of their book.
 Just a warning Fox. I quite liked the look of suit supply as well and had the chance to visit the store in Washington and it kinda put me off. A lot of the materials are unlike the pictures they display and the fits are inconsistent across the differnet brands (i was a 36 is some up to about a 39 in others). Its still a good deal for the price point but just so you know.
  The only thing i like more than watches is shoes. But my grail watch for a long time was a Tag hueur Monaco but i went off them. I ended up getting a Breitling Navitimer 01- and love it. I must admit i am nervous wearing it to some degree but im sure in 20 years time it will be still ticking.
Where abouts is the mj bale in canberra? Ill definitely pop in on the weekend. Need a new grey jacket and blue blazer!
I've got a pair of similar colour/style meermin and I wear them with dark jeans all the time. 99% of people don't know the SF rules so if you think it looks good, and you have the confidence to wear it- do it!
Will the caramel Salinger carmina double monks be restocked or have they finished?
They are prob a little over my budget. Was hoping to spend about 500. Hoping to fin some similar boots with a similar aesthetic without the price. Story of my life.Might give ed et al a shot and also look into the balmoral boot pirn thread which I just found.
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