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Damn there a a lot of members in Seoul. Looking to get a fairly priced suit that's not Koreany and more westernized. I'm Korean-American, 6'3" and 185 pounds I think I might have issues buying anything off the rack here....
I saw that there were a few members in Seoul. So what should I know about this city? General tips as well as where to shop, places to get suits, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks H:foo:
What exactly would consist of the "basics"?   I just searched and there were a few threads but nothing that really nailed it down.   Sorry for the newb questions guys.
I'd like to do both dressy and casual   I work at an agency so it's pretty causal.   Good advice on the waywt thread.
Hey Guys,   Brand spanking new here. Long story short:   - I have no sense in fashion - I still dress like I'm in college - Want to change the above   Background:   - I live in NYC - Grew up on the west coast with friends and family that weren't really concerned with fashion - Recently lost 80 pounds trying to get into shape - I'm Asian, 6'3", and 180 lbs (I know know if this is relevant)   I want wondering if you guys could direct me to...
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