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For those of you asking about my shirts arrived last week and I thought I'd share some pictures and thoughts  [[SPOILER]]  The color on my monitor is a bit more grey than the actual shirt, but the fabric is best described as a navy gray rather than navy. As for the fabric itself, the finish out of the box can be best described as somewhere between your grandmother's favorite woolen blanket that was easily mistaken for a...
 As someone that has to wear gi quite often, a noragi with a waist closure requires a closure at the chest level if you don't want the chest to gape open in a very unflattering, almost gigolo-esque manner (unless that's the look you're going for, in which case go for it). If you don't want to ruin the lines of the front, take a page from the hakama and have the belt long enough to tie/fasten in the back.
 It's almost certainly
 I just got charged for my shirt in, I'll post some pictures when it gets made.
 I have a jacket in the 505, and when held up to light it shines straight through the jacket, and this is with the jacket being fully lined with viscose (similar to ermazine).
 Not that I'm aware of. Did they specifically state when you raised the issue that it was a replacement shirt? Otherwise, some poor soul might be wondering where his shirt is.
I suspect that many people send in their favorite old garments that are on their last legs to be copied, so damage doesn't really catch anyone's eye at the company.
  Thanks for lending your opinion emptym. I'm actually pleased with the jacket for what it is, and none of the problems shown are really Luxire's fault, and hopefully people understand this is all part of the process.   The collar did seem to sit well against the neck, but I didn't wear it long, so I'll have to give a second opinion after an actual wear. The jacket is in fact off balance where you pointed out, I don't know the cause either, but I'm sure if I bring it up...
  Reasons in first post:     The lapel size my own fault, sloppy camera work which you can see more clearly on the back shot; I'm facing the wall directly but the shot is slightly angled.
And so we now present the moment a few of you have been waiting for: Does It Fit?   Instead of a lengthy exposé, I'll just show you pictures with a bit of leading context.   The jacket I sent didn't fit anymore, it was too big in the midsection in the front and rear. This is a program that's just getting started and they're still ironing out the details. I apologize for the picture/outfit quality. It was still before dawn and this wasn't the jacket I was wearing that...
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