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Ok, if you guys say so, I will listen, I'm sure you know more than me.   What should I be watching out for, what should I educate myself on prior to buying a $1k suit ?
Well from what I have been reading MTM seems to offer better fit with good material choice without breaking a bank. Few comments I read specifying MTM's were better fit than OTR, very often better material, and good cost.   But now you two tell me to go for OTR, and confuse me.
Hello, I'm looking for some recommendations as far as MTM suits go in GTA area. I'm getting married in 1 year and I need to start looking where to buy a suit. I searched the forums here and I saw few threads on Fifth on King, Spiro's and Trend, but these were all old threads from 2009, couldn't find anything newer, and I'm sure service and quality changes with time. My budget is about $1-1.2k, hoping that's enough to make me happy :)   Could you let me know,...
New Posts  All Forums: