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Can this watch be worn by a groom on a wedding night ?  
I came to conclusion that I need decent wedding shoes because the ones that I have at home are no go. I'm 29, my first suit, overwhelmed with every option on how to look on the wedding day. Being in Canada doesn't help either as everything is expensive over here.   I like the style of those Salvatore Ferragamo Fedele, but they're out of my price range. Anything you could link or point to in similar style ?  
Thanks for replies, I really appreciate it. Any chance on linking or posting pictures on what you mean by silver-ish tie ? Do you mean plain silver or something in patter but silver being main color ?  
The black is here for good, the budget is tight, I was lucky to find a suit in Canada that I liked how it laid on me and for a low price of $550. I showed her this thread and she was shocked but to my surprise she actually said I have go ahead when it comes to white shirt :)   What about look like this, shirt in such style and a bow tie, is this considered good look ?     Or is regular collar better ?  
Actually I'm from Canada but we're flying to Poland for the wedding as we have most of our family there, my fiancé tells me that supposedly its tradition to wear a bow tie there, but she could be wrong. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Ok, any info is great, this is my first suit pretty much. Are a vest and bow tie no go as far as what's in style ?   What do you think would make it look good, suggest me something, maybe if I show it to my fiance she'll like it.
USPS is the best option out of all the services, 80% of my packages incoming internatinally are not charged any duty or Ontario tax. However you never know, it's basically luck with usps, either they'll inspect the given conrainer and you'll be charged or they'll just push it forward and you're safe. However I'm talking about packages anywhere from $50-800 not sure how your $2k will be taken into account here.  
We're getting married in two months and I finally bought a black Z Zegna suit. My fiance wants me to buy off white shirt so it'll match her wedding dress. She bought Pronovias Silaba which she tells me is not white, nor ivory, but slightly off white color. She says if I get white shirt I'll stand out in pictures, so I need to get something matching. My budget is around $150, I will be wearing bow tie, and also will need to buy vest(undecided on color)   I could...
About to go buy a suit from Z Zegna. I'm 171cm and it's 38R, is the jacket good size for me, or is it too long ?  
I'm looking for a new suit for a wedding and I came across Z Zegna on sale for around $550. However I'm not sure if the jacket is good lenght on me. Never really owed a suit before. Sorry for bad picture quality.  
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