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  What does B&S stand for ?
With a tie like The glen Plaid from Kent Wang do you wear a pocket square ? Do you match your pocket squares to the tie or how does it work ? :)
Do you have or came across any other pictures of your Glen Plaid tie ? Or maybe someone here reading this purchased one and has a picture how it looks in action ?
I'll try to see if he would ship to Canada, too bad you can only see how the tie actually looks once it gets to you :( So hard to try to imagine it from pictures. Hope something like this would look nice.
Keep the links coming guys, I like the Kent Wang you posted, I think my budget will need to be stretched Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Size 9D Kenilworths are good length wise for me, but very tight. How big of a jump is it from 9D to 9E ?
I need some help to get a wedding tie, so would appreciate some links or at least photos to what I can buy. I'm getting married and bought a black Z Zegna suit, found a good deal locally, and just got it. Followed by advice of few members here I'll be grabbing plain white open collar shirt and nice black shoes.   All I need now is a tie, and I know nothing about style to know what will go well with my look. My budget is low, I would prefer to get a tie on a...
I  don't know what to do about sizing in Kenilworths, my first dress shoes for my upcoming wedding. My sneakers size is 11, in Prada and To Boot New York I am 10, but I tried Kenilworths and it's totally  different sizing.   In 9.5D my foot is sliding at the heel, up and down as I walk, but not coming out of the shoe. In 9D, the heel is just barelly moving as I walk, but the shoe is very fit, I feel it's as snug as it can be. My worry is I want to order from...
Now to only find a retailer around Toronto who stocks Kenilworth.   I wonder how will sizing go, I'm size 11 in running shoes, but for some reason I tried To Boot New York yesterday and I was size 10.
Looking for my first serious shoes, getting married :)   Would someone with knowledge know what the difference between Sutter and Kenilworth is ?
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