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I'm trying to buy few Nike Air Max 90 for summer, and I thought I would shop online in US. What are some online stores I could check out that would have good selection in these ?
Just picked up Kenilworth from mail, shoes for my wedding and first ever proper dress shoes. One shoe has scuff marks on it, how can I fix this, don't want to try anything on my own Hope pics look ok, waiting in the car while fiancé is shopping Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
I meant that usually buckles are bright silver, and darker or gunmetal buckles would be ideal.
Does there exist good quality 1'' belt in black under $100 ? Darker or Gunmetal buckle would be a bonus.
Can this belt be used as a wedding belt for the groom ? Black suit, Black shoes, White shirt, Silver cufflinks.  
I see that the AE belts are 35mm wide, is this considered normal width for a belt when looking for one for a wedding as a groom ? Or do you need to shop for slimmer belt ?
I've been to Sherway and SQ1 Harry's to try on the Kenilworths. What I did was get on AE website and check the closest locations and then call them and ask for the specific shoe I was interested in and if they had sizes close to my size. The selection was very small, I think I only saw 3 different AE's, they said they only carry D sizing at Harry's.
Which black belt from AE would match the Kenilworths ? Need black belt for black suit for my wedding.
I tried Kenilworths in a retail store in Canada yesterday and they had same problem, Left shoe had front cap slightly off center.
Thinking which black belt from AE to get for my wedding :)
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