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And me!
Fella on the left. Pull his high water trou down so as they break at his shoes, and that look is as good today, as it was 50 years ago.
Thought as much! As you say, only drawback is waiting time, cos she's a one woman band
Now that's a proper roll! Who did it you?
I've just snared a pair of Flo Imps in buffalo leather for £120 from the states, inc postage!
£85 for 3rd world child labour made goods = quality?!!!!!!!
NoS £25
Prefer a nice collar roll myself Latts. Can't be doing with the scenester jobbies.
Collars far too small? Can bet your life you'll need to siphon away  this months mortgage payment to buy it as well!
Kids today! Who'd have them?!!!! Christ knows how you'd have survived before the Internet! Does your mother still hold your hand to help you cross the road?
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