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I'm under the impression they do more 'internal audit' type work.
 Like this sweater a lot
Are you getting your suits tailored? I can't tell by your introduction.   If not, you could probably continue purchasing suits similar to what you have (provided they are a decent fit for you) and take them to a good tailor. Even with the same suits, it might make the difference that you're looking for.   If you're around Rochester, I hear Adrian Jules is a good bespoke/MTM tailor - perhaps the shop does alterations or could point you to a very good...
 In the 1938 film Holiday starring Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn, there is an high class NYE party where everyone but the actor playing a working class father (who the others noticeably stare at) is dressed in white tie. I couldn't find a clip of that actor's entrance, but one can find clips of the NYE scenes on YouTube. Of course that was 1938, but the time period still is very relevant in terms of men's clothing (see those Apparel Arts issues from the same time).
 Just watched it - and it is great. Better than Dogtown and Z-Boys in my opinion.
http://www.breakingnews.com/topic/central-park-new-york-ny-us/Apparently today was the hottest day of the year.Thanks Manton.
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