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    Might actually consider viewing this at the theater this weekend. Would be the first time I went to one since I watched The Dark Knight Rises.
  If you like Ozu, this is another one of his films I liked. It's charming in its simplicity. The quiet long takes in secluded city spots with vibrant colors. The everyday-ness of his scenes and characters never seem to be boring.
On the flip side, if the USA does start playing well (or even up to expectations), they could easily cruise to gold.
The USA players just don't appear to be playing very hard. They keep staring at the ball, double teaming players who are not going to shoot a contested shot 1 on 1, losing their man on defense constantly, and unable to box out. These are all simple things to do at the NBA level, but are just not being executed at all.
Finished 2 true crime novels: Blood and Money by Thomas Thompson and Till Death Us Do Part by Vincent Bugliosi.   Both are set in the late 60s and early 70s. Blood and Money in Houston and Till Death Us Do Part in LA. Both are pretty much about alleged murderers who have a good deal of circumstantial evidence to cause suspicion of their responsibility of the murder. And both alleged murderers are two of the oddest characters I've ever read about. I guess they're almost...
Hard to tell since the trousers are too narrow if you're going for the high rise. They could probably be cut fuller everywhere although the waist measurement is possibly a little too large.
Prefer the blue stripe. Lapels look better proportioned as opposed to the constricted look in the gray. Also, the blue trousers better fill out the space at the bottom of the jacket so it looks to a more coherent suit.
Finished Thomas Thompson's true crime novel Blood and Money. It read like a combination of the JFK assassination and The Thin Blue Line. A Houston socialite's bizarre death and subsequent suspicion of foul play sparks a chain of events among a her ambitious doting oil baron father, adulterous aloof widower, and a cast of Texans that read so vividly you'd think the entire story could have been a season of Dallas.
I haven't shopped in Old Navy in years, so please enlighten me. How does a 7 footer find anything that will fit him there?
Just read Fast One by Paul Cain. Pulp fiction hero gets pulled into a few double crosses and a few femme fatales who might not be who they appear to be. Surprised this was never made to film as it reads like what we would nowadays consider an action film.
New Posts  All Forums: