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 Towns can apparently play outside the post - he just wasn't asked to in Kentucky's offense. It does seem likely then that they pick him over Okafor.
Lakers end up with the #2 overall pick and the Knicks end up with the #4 overall pick. The T'Wolves are going to have the #1 overall picks from 2013, 2014, and 2015 playing on the team this upcoming season.
I wish the Spurs were still around in these playoffs.
Unfortunately, I think the only other Bulls player that could play Center would be Nazr Mohammed. Gibson and Mirotic are too small and Gasol's defense is too poor.
He's bulky like Boris Diaw. To me Jimmy and Draymond don't have the same physique.
Re-watched The Thing (John Carpenter's 1982 version). It's a rollercoaster from start to finish.   Also saw Sanjuro. Enjoyed it - although I've pretty much enjoyed all 'Man with No Name' films.
It's a shame that one of these two good teams will only play 1 round of games this year.
The 1 pizza place I want to shut down will unfortunately never shut down, because it's in the middle of NYU and they probably make hundreds of dollars each day despite selling some of the worst pizza in a .5 mile radius.
Yep I have seen that film. Guinness is great there too. Between these 2 films, you can just see he's a great actor that can play many different roles. Only thing was I got a little bored of the plot in King Hearts and Coronets before the film was over.
A little Bruce Bowen as well.
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