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MJ was a fierce competitor and everyone could see that. LeBron at times seems disinterested and passive as if he doesn't care.   I don't think anyone wanted to mess around with MJ because you knew he would embarrass and attack you and then rub it in. I'm not sure if anyone believes LeBron would punish you the same way, if at all.
Durant has apparently withdrawn from the USA Basketball team.
The Heat should've given Ginobili a ring for sabotaging the Spurs that Finals.
Unless the Cavs can win this year by trading for Love, what is the point of getting him? They can just get him next year and keep Wiggins, Bennett, and the draft pick.
^ Slightly similar is the idea of putting your wine in the blender. Anyone here ever tried that?
 I personally like these fits (minus that last one which does appear too tight), even more than those you posted right before these. Any reason why you changed styles?
 Yes. This is my experience as well. The subject matter of your projects may change, but even if it's an assessment, implementation, PMO, or regulatory work, the work is all pretty similar. And at the junior levels, there is very little control over what you're working on (at least in my experience). You just get pulled onto projects to bill clients and bring in revenue for the firm. No one really cares about anything else. The consultants who appear to enjoy the work the...
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