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Independence has 30% off for women's and 15% off everything else plus free shipping. Discounts exclude footwear though.
The Knicks are actually ahead after 3 quarters with Carmelo inactive.
http://theclassroomshop.com/   20% off (no code needed)   I think the Hickoree's code expired.
Everyone will probably ask if you're having a job interview.
I don't think anyone on SF spends their money on clothes efficiently. We have all 'fucked up', and I don't know if there is any correlation between how often and our time spent here or our experience buying clothes.   Just do as you please. It's the only way to not regret anything.
Kobe dishing out passes in situations where he would've just shot the ball a week ago.
I know that the 'enforcer' role is kind of outdated and no one on the 76ers has really been in the league long enough to 'earn' such a role, but they really need one for games like this when they're just not physical at all on defense and constantly letting guards into the paint.
 I recall hearing that they would have one of the deepest benches in the league, but they only have scored 17 points so far (the Heat's bench has scored 14 and the Heat have 24 fewer points).
 I was at the game tonight. You could feel that everyone was wondering 'did that really just happen?'
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