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  Alec Guinness with perhaps his best acting job.
I think the Wizards have a good shot at beating Atlanta next round. They've played Pierce at PF, which forces the opposing PF to defend outside the paint and give the Wizards good opportunities with the pick and roll. Atlanta doesn't have a big man inside that is going to punish Pierce.
The only destinations that make sense for Aldridge are Dallas, San Antonio, and Boston if he leaves Portland. I know Boston and Dallas haven't been mentioned here yet, but I think they do have the cap space.   Not sure if he would actually sign with LA or NY as I can't imagine he wants to go back to missing the playoffs considering his age and career.
At times, Kawhi's fadeaway has shown shades of MJ's jumper.
^ Yes that appears to be very common. I went to a class a few months ago - everyone did the closed water dives at home and the open water dives at their vacation destinations.
Clippers are defending Duncan perfectly in the post, yet he's lighting them up. No one in the league right now could make those shots - I'm going to miss him when he retires.
I kind of hope no NBA signs him next season. Would he pull a quasi-Sprewell and just quit? I can't imagine his ego would let him play in a lesser league.
I know critics are going to hate Doc Rivers because he complains too much. But for me, the most annoying thing about him has got to be that his shirts are way too tight and that even though he wears a coat and tie, it's incredibly obvious because his shirts are just that tight.
[[SPOILER]]  It's nice, but it almost seems more like a public area or shopping plaza instead of someone's home.
  This clip is a bit shorter and you see the highlights earlier.   I remember at the beginning of this season everyone was raving about how no one had ever seen someone with Anthony Davis's abilities or potential. Well that's probably because they never saw Chamberlain - look at those blocks in the beginning of the clip. I don't even know if anyone today could replicate those. Just from the clips, you could tell this guy was amazingly quick, strong, and athletic for a...
New Posts  All Forums: