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Shouldn't the coat button in the opposite direction?
I read the first 4 Parker novels and hit a snag when I realized the library was missing the next 8 books in the series. I got them to order a copy of each and will be binge reading them as soon as they arrive before work resumes in January.   While the novels are not necessarily great reading, they're not bad either and Stark/Westlake seems to have enjoyed writing the series. Sometimes when I'm reading the 3rd or 4th novel in a series, I feel the author has lost interest...
I use the public library system, which has a ton of old films on DVD for rent. They probably have 20-30 copies of any recent film too.
  A great film done in a semi-Italian neorealist style about a group of loafers in a provincial Italian town. It's strange how modern the film is, despite it being filmed in 1953. It feels a bit like George Lucas's American Graffiti, but I think a bit better.   Unfortunately, I really found it difficult to watch both La Dolce Vita and 8 1/2, so maybe I'll just go through Fellini's earlier films if they're more like this one.
 I liked the 2 Alec Guinness mini-series adaptations Smiley's People and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. I think the same producers/directors made Smiley's People a few years later, which is good too, but the protagonist isn't Alec Guinness and he plays an unsympathetic character, so it's not the same.
Why have friends when you have us?
$35 each + free shipping in US!   Velva Sheen Navy Sweatshirt. Size S. Made in USA.   Chest: 21" Sleeve: 31" Length: 24"    
Norse Projects Sigfred Roll Sweater 60% Cotton, 40% Linen. Size S. But could fit a M. Made in Portugal.   Chest: 22 1/2" Sleeve: 34 1/2" Length: 26"    
Lost Worlds A-1. Made in USA. Size 38.   Only worn a few times. Has a small hole in the back of the collar (see photo).   $400 $350 + free shipping in US!   Shoulder: 17" Chest: 20 1/2" Sleeve: 32" Length: 23 1/2"      
Vintage Baracuta (Four Climes in the US due to licensing agreement with Van Heusen I believe). Made in England. Size 38. $65 + free shipping in US!   Chest: 22" Sleeve: 32 1/4" Length: 25"    
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