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 Did all these shirts have the same neck measurements? Some look might tighter than others (or perhaps the tie was tighter).
I think Gasol is more like a taller version of David West. So I think it's fine West is resigning elsewhere.
 That's like saying Miami was a homegrown team plus LeBron plus Bosh. Or Celtics were a homegrown team plus KG plus Ray Allen. The Warriors now have 4 All NBA team players. That's a super team no matter how you look at it.
I find it ironic that Cuban is willing to facilitate the Durant signing by helping GSW dump salaries when he was one of the biggest detractors of the Chris Paul-Lakers trade.
Yes, if the other 29 teams could act like a cartel. But Danny Ainge could swoop in and probably get a few picks so I find it unlikely that it could happen. The Celtics Amir Johnson I believe has a 12M unguaranteed salary which would match Bogut's salary.
You know what would make this interesting? If Wade signed with CLE.
So GSW no longer has a C? Maybe Kendrick Perkins will crawl back from where ever he's been for a min deal...
The problem I had with his announcement in The Players Tribune is that he didn't say anything. It reads like a corporate memo.
Has Durant given any particular reason for leaving OKC and choosing GSW? I don't think he was buddy-buddy with anyone on that team (especially with the postgame conferences he gave in the playoffs).
LeBron is no longer the villain of the NBA and I imagine if it's GSW vs CLE in the Finals again a lot of people are hoping CLE wins again. He might even big a bigger underdog this year.   And how many wins are the GSW going to have this year? 74?
New Posts  All Forums: