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 Yes. Almost all contracts are guaranteed, so even if the player is cut he will get paid (so most players tend to get traded instead of cut). There are a few exceptions to the guaranteed contracts though (Brendan Haywood is the first one that comes to mind, but his contract recently expired).
  Gregory Peck being Gregory Peck in this pacifist western where he stands up for his beliefs despite the pressures of his fiance and dangers of a town with two families about to engage in war.
  Interesting film about the stay of a patient in a mental hospital. While I suppose the material is meant to be taken literally as the film is based off a semi-autobiographical novel, I found it interesting in that the material could potentially be interpreted in other ways - namely what is the definition of healthy or normal? Olivia de Havilland wonderfully acted out her part as well.
^ Love La Haine. Such a well done film.       Interesting Japanese yakuza film - it's a mix of film-noir, French New Wave, Antonioni, and Le Samourai. Pretty decent flick - mostly focused on sound and style.
  The first part of this film is perfect - really beautifully written set-up for the love story between 2 lonely, but nice people. The second part doesn't really do it justice, but I suppose by then you're just rooting for Borgnine that you don't really give a damn.
  Really enjoyed this western. One of those atypical westerns that started popping up after the 60s. Newman plays an Indian who is the (anti-)hero of the picture.   Also watched the 5 Anthony Mann-Jimmy Stewart western pictures. Ranked in order of most-least favorite:   1. The Man from Laramie 2. Winchester '73 3. The Far Country 4 (tie). Bend of the River / The Naked Spur   The top 2 are decent. Far Country was good until the end. Didn't like Bend of the River...
I re-watched Alien, which I remembered I really enjoyed. But to my disappointment, I didn't really enjoy it this time.   Background of the ship/company is probably the best part of the plot, but it's not focused on after halfway through the film as then it's just a standard horror plot without any truly scary scenes. The characters and development are a bit lacking (probably the issue with most horror films). And the most iconic scenes did not look as fascinating as I...
Regarding teenage cult movies, I liked neither The Breakfast Club nor Rebel without a Cause.   I think I liked American Graffiti and Ferris Bueller's Day Off better.   But I haven't seen any of them in a while, and I tend to avoid those sort of films.   I did see Serpico a few months ago - it is really good. Might have mentioned it in this thread. Prince of the City is a similar film (takes place around the same time as Serpico and is also directed by Lumet), but the...
  My favorite of the noir boxing films I've seen (mostly due to story/acting as opposed to actual boxing scenes) which would include Gentleman Jim, Body and Soul, and The Set-Up.   EDIT: Just watched Kid Galahad (1937 version with Edward G. Robinson, Bette Davis, and Humphrey Bogart). Probably has the best story, although not exactly a noir. Enjoyed it as well.
    Watched for the 2nd time - it is viewed much better when taken in the context of a comedic performance.   A similar WWI film but not comedic at all is King and Country.  
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