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I think almost everyone was thinking the Lakers would select Okafor, leaving the Sixers to select Russell. That probably would've been the best scenario for them.
Scott Brooks - he is who we thought he was? Wizards are getting blown out by the 76ers, with Embiid in street clothes.
  A group of prisoners decide to break out of prison. A very simple plot, which is actually why this film is so great.   There's a long take of the prisoners breaking the floor. You see every detail of their escape route. You see the ingenuity of the prisoners to improvise tools. You see the camaraderie.   It's really more of a film for the eyes. You can't wait for the next action on the screen or the look on one of the prisoner's hard faces. You see what you...
  Based on the play of the same name, Betrayal highlights the key events in the friendship of Jerry, a literary agent, Robert, a book publisher, and Emma, Robert's wife. The film is told in flashback, starting with Jerry's uneasiness that Emma has revealed her affair with Jerry to her husband.   This had a very Mamet feel to it. I'm not sure if it was the playwriting style of the 80's, but the understated dialog is very Mamet-like, as is the tension that underlies all...
  Two criminals are on the lam, hoping to escape the Italian police and flee into Paris where they have friends. But quite some time has passed since they've last worked together, and no one is particularly excited to risk his neck for a forgotten memory.   A very minimalistic French crime thriller from 1960 that explores many of the same themes of other French crime films from the era: loneliness, friendship, loyalty, and betrayal. It makes me want to rewatch Touchez...
  A fun Mexican black comedy film about a taxidermist who is married to a religious, manipulative wife. He eventually breaks down, which is foreshadowed by the title The Skeleton of Mrs. Morales.
I just watched Back to the Future in it's entirety for the first time a few days ago. Great film and screenplay. Always caught bits and pieces of it on TV, and I'm glad I saw the entire thing.   For something more traditional sci-fi, I would recommend Gattaca if you haven't seen it. 
  Julie Andrews plays a man pretending to be a drag queen in order to be a nightclub singer with the help of old queen Robert Preston. Chicago gangster James Garner falls in love with Andrews, and madness ensues.   The film is a fun musical comedy that has emphasized a good script and acting first and some additional musical numbers for comedic purposes. Preston does a fabulous job in a supporting role.
Spurs look like a new team. They are playing quick, sharp basketball. Dedmon looks bad though. I think he's bungled every time he's touched the ball.
Secrets of the Incas with Charlton Heston was probably an influence for Indiana Jones as well.
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