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      All excellent acting jobs - really good stuff that you won't see these days.
Anthony Mason died. Was it really that long ago when he played? Miss the old days of 90s NBA where guys like Mason, Oakley, Rodman, the Davis "brothers", and really most of the Eastern conference playoff big men brought an intensity and physical presence that was underappreciated then and so rare these days.
Are the Mavs better without Rondo on the court? Carlisle benched him down a few buckets in the 3rd and the Mavs win...
    Where is the real Richard Jefferson? Because if you told me he would have 1 of the sickest dunks this year, I would've asked you 'isn't he retired?'
OKC is ridiculously deep now.   The OKC bench is   PG: Augustin SG: Waiters, Morrow, Lamb SF: Singler, Jones, Novak PF: Collison C: Kanter, McGary   That's a bunch players who were starting this season.   Unless something unexpected happens, they should easily be able to make the WCF. The only question is what if they disappoint in the playoffs? I ask since I can't think of any coaches better than Brooks available in the offseason (now that Karl's been hired).
  Clark Terry passed away yesterday. This was probably my favorite of his compositions.
I know this is totally random because he's a nobody, but Jason Maxiell tonight has got to be one of the worst performances I've ever seen.   He is like the chubby center in one of those middle school basketball games that's on the team because he's big, but he can't hustle or catch the ball, and he might possibly not even understand the basics of basketball rules (such as attempting to stop the other team from getting the ball into the hoop or grabbing the ball when it's...
With all constant killing in the news, I'm surprised I haven't heard of anything like this happening.  
OKC looks pretty tough right now. I do feel like that Brooks has almost no (positive) impact on the team's success. It really just seems like the players' talents are carrying the team with minimal coaching.
 I find that they tend to look pretty average until the middle of the 2nd half where they make their runs.
New Posts  All Forums: