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  Superb acting from Edward G. Robinson (has he ever been bad on film?). Really enjoyed this film overall.
Well Kanter is a FA after this season as well, and he was not expected to re-sign. I suppose it's a move to play Goubert more minutes.
I did not realize Perkins and LeBron were in the same draft.
 I agree this film is overrated. And unfortunately the best part is the last scene, which is the only thing that keeps me from saying it's completely lacking. However, I think his movie overrated film has got to be High Sierra. Probably one of the worst films I've ever seen.
 Interesting subject matter - about the first black CIA employee who eventually starts a guerrilla war in Chicago for black freedom. It is a bit satirical though. Very 70s vibe with (funky) Herbie Hancock on soundtrack.
Wrong thread!
A little early for April Fools?
 As a consultant, it tends to be managers or above that do the stuff you sound interesting in (client meetings, presentations, etc.). An MBA hire would come in at one level below manager. You can still probably do some internal presentations and meetings in a big consulting firm, but to me it sounds like it would be almost a lateral move from your current situation as consulting sounds almost the same as your current job (pay, travel, actual work). I don't think it would...
I had to commute to Jersey City last year until April - it seemed like it was snowing once every week or two until around the end of March?
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