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You know what would make this interesting? If Wade signed with CLE.
So GSW no longer has a C? Maybe Kendrick Perkins will crawl back from where ever he's been for a min deal...
The problem I had with his announcement in The Players Tribune is that he didn't say anything. It reads like a corporate memo.
Has Durant given any particular reason for leaving OKC and choosing GSW? I don't think he was buddy-buddy with anyone on that team (especially with the postgame conferences he gave in the playoffs).
LeBron is no longer the villain of the NBA and I imagine if it's GSW vs CLE in the Finals again a lot of people are hoping CLE wins again. He might even big a bigger underdog this year.   And how many wins are the GSW going to have this year? 74?
Seems like he penned an announcement in The Players Tribune about it: http://www.theplayerstribune.com/kevin-durant-nba-free-agency-announcement/.   The Warriors could potentially put up historical offense numbers again.
I don't know if Jamal Crawford has ever led a team. If he has, it certainly wasn't a playoff team. He was also arguably outplayed by Austin Rivers last season. And if we learned anything from the playoffs, the Warriors need someone who can slash and get points in the paint; not someone who's going to throw up a jumper the moment he gets the ball. Look at his playoff stats. He's bad in the postseason for the same reason the Warriors were. Also, he rarely plays off the ball...
I'm not sure why the Warriors are interested in Jamal Crawford.
I'm not sure why being a 4th option on a title team is a case for a max deal. He is going to be one of the highest paid players on his team (even with the cap spike unless the team gives out multiple max deals for the next 2-3 summers which would be ridiculous, but possible I suppose).   For the last 6 titles team, here was the #4 scorer:   Cavs: J.R. Smith Spurs: Ginobili (36 years old) Heat: Ray Allen (37 years old) Heat: Mario Chalmers Mavs: Shawn...
Horford to the Celtics. Still don't think they can beat the Cavaliers without a true go-to scorer like Durant though.
New Posts  All Forums: