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http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/24/realestate/moving-out-of-brooklyn-because-of-high-prices.html   The comments are worth reading as they're mostly from an older generation of Brooklynites (as opposed to the content of the article which is on the current generation) - although I'm not sure if their views are due to age (e.g. when current Brooklynites are their age they'll feel the same way) or due to the generation they grew up in.   But it seems to me you have a city...
Seems like Silver Oak will still have plenty of wine for sale. http://news.yahoo.com/california-winemakers-cleaning-quake-201342780.html 
50 lifetimes
Might want to keep the trousers to get them copied (or copied with slight modifications or for reference when visiting a tailor) if they're your best fitting ones.   But I wouldn't actually wear them.
Public transportation can be a blessing and a curse. Instead of getting a car, I'm taking the train to NJ to visit the client site.
 That's what I figured as my loafers are definitely not full grain. But does anyone know how to explain the Lobbs?
I have a pair of loafers that have the same black streaks; although I believe my pair uses leather that's far inferior than those in Lobbs.  
I'd add the following:              
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