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^ That sounds like exactly what Varejao does on offense.
 In last year's Finals, he played fewer than 3 minutes combined over games 4-6. I'll be surprised if it's a big loss, especially now that  they have Varejao and a slightly better McAdoo.
The Warriors missed a bunch of open looks starting in the mid-late 3rd quarter that they were drilling in the 1st half.   And Curry has looked mortal minus that last game. While the defense has been focused on him, I'm surprised because his regular season was literally one of a kind.
Oh, and what the hell is Love still doing out there? The Cavs just iso with James or Irving on offense anyway so they really need hustle and defense, which is what Jefferson has been doing all series better than anyone else on the Cavs.   EDIT: Jefferson could probably also be used over Shumpert who has played like a homeless man's Jefferson this series.
The Warriors have been scoring on the same plays all series. It is really confusing how Lue has not gotten the Cavs to defend them by the 6th game.
Is Battistoni in Rome still an option for bespoke shirts?
The Cavs should be embarrassed if they can't beat the Warriors sans Green.
Jefferson should be playing over Love. He doesn't do anything but stand in the corner on offense and he's too slow to cut or get offensive rebounds.
I'm reading James Ellroy's American Tabloid. It's a really fun read, especially if you like fictionalized history. He ties in the Kennedy Brothers, Hoover, Howard Hughes, and the Chicago mob from the POV of 2 government agents and an LA enforcer starting from the late 50s to early 60s.
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New Posts  All Forums: