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Prefer the blue stripe. Lapels look better proportioned as opposed to the constricted look in the gray. Also, the blue trousers better fill out the space at the bottom of the jacket so it looks to a more coherent suit.
Finished Thomas Thompson's true crime novel Blood and Money. It read like a combination of the JFK assassination and The Thin Blue Line. A Houston socialite's bizarre death and subsequent suspicion of foul play sparks a chain of events among a her ambitious doting oil baron father, adulterous aloof widower, and a cast of Texans that read so vividly you'd think the entire story could have been a season of Dallas.
I haven't shopped in Old Navy in years, so please enlighten me. How does a 7 footer find anything that will fit him there?
Just read Fast One by Paul Cain. Pulp fiction hero gets pulled into a few double crosses and a few femme fatales who might not be who they appear to be. Surprised this was never made to film as it reads like what we would nowadays consider an action film.
Ben Simmons can really pass.
 Did all these shirts have the same neck measurements? Some look might tighter than others (or perhaps the tie was tighter).
I think Gasol is more like a taller version of David West. So I think it's fine West is resigning elsewhere.
 That's like saying Miami was a homegrown team plus LeBron plus Bosh. Or Celtics were a homegrown team plus KG plus Ray Allen. The Warriors now have 4 All NBA team players. That's a super team no matter how you look at it.
I find it ironic that Cuban is willing to facilitate the Durant signing by helping GSW dump salaries when he was one of the biggest detractors of the Chris Paul-Lakers trade.
Yes, if the other 29 teams could act like a cartel. But Danny Ainge could swoop in and probably get a few picks so I find it unlikely that it could happen. The Celtics Amir Johnson I believe has a 12M unguaranteed salary which would match Bogut's salary.
New Posts  All Forums: