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 I finished #20 (Firebreak), so I wanted to give an update. I would say most of them are fun and readable. I really dislike the ones from the 70s though (Deadly Edge to Butcher's Moon). The ones from the second run (90s starting with Comeback to Firebreak at least) are surprisingly good. Probably as fun and readable as the first few. I thought they would be written just to cash-in on the name, but if they were then Stark/Westlake didn't write like it.
I could've probably tossed Platoon, La Haine, or City of God into the top 10, but I haven't watched them in a while. Some post-1979 films I like:   Leon: The Professional The Dark Knight Batman Begins House of Flying Daggers Adaptation. Spy Game Ocean's Eleven Yi Yi Memento The Matrix The Insider The Thomas Crown Affair L.A. Confidential As Good as It Gets Gattaca Heat Pulp Fiction The Shawshank Redemption The Last Seduction A Brighter Summer Day Who...
I probably should rewatch my top films more often to confirm, but I think this is a pretty representative list for me.   Some Like it Hot Gilda Fight Club The Wild Bunch The Godfather Chinatown All About Eve Psycho Only Angels Have Wings Witness for the Prosecution
 I don't know if it was color coding, but what about Argo? I thought that was a nice touch to make the film look older.
He reminds me of Vlade Divac.
Honestly, I liked those 2 DB suits. Their haircuts create a jarring image though with such an austere suit.   It's like wearing a nice suit with hi-top Jordans.
 I worked with an Englishman a few months ago who wore collars and ties in this style. Very English in its restraint and very sharp. The man was probably close to 2 stone overweight too, so I'm not sure if that made any difference.
[Placeholder post to post link of Richard Jefferson's dunk on Klay Thompson]   EDIT:        How many other 36 year olds could pull that off?
Shouldn't the coat button in the opposite direction?
I read the first 4 Parker novels and hit a snag when I realized the library was missing the next 8 books in the series. I got them to order a copy of each and will be binge reading them as soon as they arrive before work resumes in January.   While the novels are not necessarily great reading, they're not bad either and Stark/Westlake seems to have enjoyed writing the series. Sometimes when I'm reading the 3rd or 4th novel in a series, I feel the author has lost interest...
New Posts  All Forums: