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Finished reading L.A. Confidential by Ellroy last night. I think I preferred The Big Nowhere (both of same L.A. Quartet series, with the latter set a few years earlier). Nonetheless, I'm going to read White Jazz just to find out what happens.   As a breather, I'm reading The Name of the Game is Death by Dan. J Marlowe. I'm liking it so far - may be a new series I could read after I finish White Jazz.
I think the standard way is sewing on the sideseams to attach the cuff to the legs 
Rose last season did not prove he was still an All-Star. He appeared to be just a capable starter or rotation player.   Not sure if it's a big deal that they move him.
I wonder what happens to Ezeli and Barnes this offseason. They were both looking at pretty big contracts not too long ago.   And does the small ball craze die now?
I think I've finished up as many Ross MacDonald novels as I think I need to. Other than The Drowning Pool, I think The Galton Case was good. The rest were not quite my style.   As good as James Crumley's The Last Good Kiss was, I thought his next 2 popular novels The Wrong Case and Dancing Bear were so-so. Not necessarily forgettable, but they dragged at points and the plot was not going anywhere. But you they both contain that Crumley writing style so if you enjoy that,...
He's only been the best player in the playoffs this year, scored 40+ points in back-to-back Finals elimination games, won "probably the biggest game in Cavs history", recorded the most points, rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals of anyone in this year's Finals (and actually had the most points, rebounds, and assists from both teams even if you include last year's), and completely outplayed Curry who, by most accounts, had played at a level this season at a Jordan-esque...
I think these past 2 Finals LeBron has finally become the sort of all-time great everyone has wanted to see. He's been the unquestionable leader on and off the court and, with the exception of Irving's game 5 (James still matched Irving's 41 points though), carried the Cavs on his back. AND it's translated to wins.   With the Heat, he could take games and plays off and defer to Bosh or Wade. With his first stint on the Cavs, you could tell near the end he wasn't playing...
Rigged? The Warriors haven't played very well for the past 2 games. They had plenty of open shots that they couldn't make and James and Irving are just playing 1-on-1 for the most part and scoring extremely difficult shots. Green was a non-factor tonight.   The Warriors need to get back to passing the ball and moving around on offense to tire out James and Irving.
^ That sounds like exactly what Varejao does on offense.
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