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Perhaps Gattica, The Day the Earth Stood Still,  or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. And if you like thriller/horror sci-fi, Alien or The Thing.
  As most viewers have already mentioned, it is very reminiscent of Double Indemnity. Nonetheless, I thought it was a good neo-noir. I was surprised it wasn't rated higher.
  Great comedy film featuring some of the biggest female stars of the time. Sharp lines and lots of drama. And not a single male appears in the entire film. Sadly they just don't make comedies like this anymore. 
  Watched quite a few movies of the past few weeks - this was probably the best one. A crooked NYPD cop wants to incriminate a few corrupt individuals for the DA's office, but the lawyers keep pushing for more indictments until it appears everyone is way over their heads. 3.5/5
I did a quick search and it seems he only had 35.2 grams of marijuana and 10.9 grams of MDMA. I can't believe he could get 25 years for that.
I wonder which of these top 10 picks last year will be the biggest bust?   Emiid, Exum, Smart, Randle, or Stauskas?   Emiid and Exum are out this entire upcoming season. Neither Smart nor Randle impressed in the Summer League this year. And Stauskas is on his 2nd team already (Vonleh as well, but at least he impressed this summer).
The supporting cast of Charlotte Rampling, Jack Warden, James Mason, and Milo O'Shea is great. They aren't featured very much on screen, but they each make the most of their appearances.
I sometimes take a taxi from Hoboken to the city at nights after 9PM. No traffic at all. Perhaps delay your arrival for an hour or two?
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