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At least 1 of Shaq, MJ, Kobe, Duncan, or LeBron have been in the past 20 NBA Finals dating to 1995.   And 15 of the last 16 Western conference champs have been from either Texas or California (that 1 was the 2012 OKC Thunder).
James Harden was unstoppable tonight. Really fun watching him all night.   The Warriors actually made more FGs and 3s, had more rebounds, assists, and steals, and had fewer turnovers than the Rockets tonight.   The Rockets just happened to shoot 30 more FTs.
 He just had a pretty nasty fall - if he's not ok, then I hope the Rockets win the title (and crush the Cavs in the process).
Literally no offensive production for the Cavs outside a few LeBron dunks in the past few minutes. I hope the Hawks don't choke this one away now that they're up 4.
Terry has been awful on defense, and he's not contributing anything on offense. McHale should just sub in Nick Johnson for him. And play Capela! He brings a ton of energy off the bench, and the starters are just going through the motions.
Other than Schroder, the Hawks aren't working to get the baskets they need on offense. Seems like everyone is kind of standing around waiting for a pass to immediately take a jump shot.
And Terrence Jones doesn't look good at all right now - fumbling passes and generally getting abused on defense. Why isn't Capela in? He was beastly last game.
Is Bogut really worthy of All-Defensive 2nd team? He doesn't look like he can stop anybody on the Rockets when they are in the paint. Festus Ezeli looks better than him.
That looks pretty 1960's to me?
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