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Re-watched Blade Runner. I liked it a lot more this time around. Maybe I'm older or I'm watching the Final Cut version.   A lot of SW&D-esque clothing pieces there; I'm surprised they haven't been replicated, namely Deckard and Gaff's shirts and Deckard's coat.
Why does LeBron want to continue recruiting these other All-Stars? His team is pretty good already - why give up depth in young players who have a good chance at being good-great players? I mean it's pretty much expected that they did nothing on the terrible teams (and with terrible coaches) in the past couple years. They'll probably be pretty good with the new coach and playing alongside LeBron.   Doesn't he remember that it was the Spurs's depth, not their stars, that...
The black lapels seem to indicate evening wear, but the color of the jacket and the trousers seem to indicate daywear. It just doesn't seem like a good outfit to me either.
 Hell yeah! Really enjoy Una Muy Bonita and Verse off that album. Two of my other favorites from him are If Ever I Would Leave You and Ungano.
Crockett & Jones for Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Pebble Grain Boots. Size 9. Made in England.   Includes shoe bags and box (if wanted).   $230 (OBO) + free shipping in CONUS.          
William Lockie Shawl Cardigan in Camel Hair. Made in Scotland. 100% 2-ply camel hair.   $280 (OBO) + free shipping in CONUS.     Chest: 20" Length (back of collar): 27"   Would be best for a size 36 or size 38 wanting a slim fit.
Arpenteur Chevaliere Sweater in Ecru. Size Small. Made in France. 100% Cotton.   $80 (OBO) + free shipping in CONUS.     Shoulders: 16.5" Chest: 19.5" Length (back of collar): 26"   Would be best for a size 36 or size 38 wanting a very slim fit.   I believe it's the same product as sold on JCrew: https://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/teesfleece/IGC/PRDOVR~51937/51937.jsp
Need to add The Princess Bride
New Posts  All Forums: