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I suppose some of the above are mediocre, although a few were just flat out terrible matched only by Mouhamed Sene (2006 - #10), Yi Jianlian (2007 - #7), Hasheem Thabeet (2009 - #2), and Jonny Flynn (2009 - #6) from the same drafts. Add Oden if you want.   Actually, pretty much every white or non-American big guy in the top 10 has been really bad (and Oden due to injury).
I imagine he'll be more likely compared to Justise Winslow, Myles Turner, and/or Trey Lyles who were the 3 picks right after him. Winslow being the BPA at 9 and Turner and Lyles as the 2 other PF/Cs who the Hornets could have taken.
RE: Kaminsky   Big white guys drafted with top 10 picks in the past 10 years:   2013: (4) Cody Zeller, (5) Alex Len 2011: (3) Enes Kanter, (5) Jonas Valanciunas, (6) Jan Vesely 2008: (5) Kevin Love 2007: (10) Spencer Hawes 2006: (1) Andrea Bargnani, (3) Adam Morrison 2005: (1) Andrew Bogut 2004: (8) Rafael Araujo   They all were pretty terrible minus Love. In fact, Love and Gordon Hayward were the only good white guys drafted in the top 10 for the past 10...
What is MJ's obsession with big guys who eventually end up as busts?
I actually like the Russell pick for the Lakers. I think he's incredibly talented. Okafor is good too, but I think it's a guard's league right now. Other than the Spurs who play great team ball and space the floor with 4 shooters plus a HOFer, all the other champions have played 5 shooters.   I feel like Charlotte always makes a bad pick; when was their last good one?   I think Rozier for Boston was a mistake. I think Jerian Grant is going to be a starting quality...
                  Richard Neutra's Pitcairn House. More photos at http://curbed.com/archives/2014/03/13/richard-neutras-1962-pitcairn-house-wants-6m.php
Well that stat doesn't account for replacing him (or his salary rather) with other players. If you give a team $20M (or whatever his salary is) less to work with, you're going to get worse players (and worse stats).   I think the Cavs could potentially get the same production (or potentially better) with his salary and get a deeper team.
I wonder how these players feel:   LeBron: He has been carrying a team of mostly below average players on his back for 6 games. I don't know if you've ever played pickup basketball games with terrible players, but he's done that for 5 straight games. In the NBA Finals. With every single critic on his back. For losing in the Finals. Oddly enough, by winning 2 games improbably, it put even more pressure on him to win despite no one really commenting how unbelievable it was...
I've never seen someone make alley-oop passes look so difficult.
Gattica is not bad. The original Star Wars trilogy if you haven't seen the films already. Also Terminator (1 or 2) and Alien(s).   Robocop (1987) and Total Recall (1990) if you're looking for something less serious.   And not a film, but the Cowboy Bebop TV series is really good if you want to kill a few hours.
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