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http://www.breakingnews.com/topic/central-park-new-york-ny-us/Apparently today was the hottest day of the year.Thanks Manton.
Repp stripes Dark knits
If you want pre-1950s styled trousers you'll need a tailor to make them for you. Or you could use a MTM program from a reputable store, but I'd probably like a fitting or two and a chance to speak with the tailor if you want this style.   I have found some 50s/60s styled trousers at O'Connell's though.
 I feel the same way about In the Mood for Love. I feel compelled to re-watch it again as I feel like I didn't watch it correctly the 1st time.   And for those of you that have watched Man Hunt or Stagecoach, is it just me or do you think that Walter Pidgeon could pass for Clive Owen and John Wayne Mel Gibson?
 I was wondering if I was the only one who noticed that before. But it's a nice balance to have, and I'm sure that makes you much more enjoyable company in real life!
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