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This sale ends Friday, apparently.
I can confirm that there are Marshall's in Houston, TX with the goods.  Went to one today, found a Brioni tuxedo shirt, two Barbera shirts, a RLPL suede jacket.  I question the wisdom of leaving something like that out on the racks when you've got it marked up to 700 dollars down from a retail of 3000.
Oxxfords are quite frequently not fully lined.  It's not a knock on the quality of construction.  Unlined breathes better and shows off the handwork.  Lesser brands line the jackets to cover up sloppy stitching, and this practice has become normative.   Hello styleforum.  Long time reader, first time poster.  On Topic, my last great thrift find was a late 70's vintage Oxxford camel hair sport coat.  Fully lined, the other Oxxford sport coat I own is 3/8 lined.  Been a dry...
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