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I have these as well. Couple things:- They are definitely NOT 15oz+ - I would say more like 13.5 if that.- The fabric is great, though a little more grainy vs slubby. But I like that- The fit, as others have mentioned, runs a little large. I decided to size TTS (which in RRL is like sizing up most of the time) and had the waist taken in about 1". Now they are 98% perfect. I'm happy with that decision since I'm tall and the low rise meant it gave me extra room- The color...
What do you usually wear and what did you buy the slim slates in? apologies if you already said a couple pages back... 
Thanks guys. Appreciate the advice. Basically I'm in between sizes - 34" is too narrow in thighs though I can fit it around waist but extra tight. 36" looks much better on thighs yet is too big. A 35" would have probably been perfect. 
Has anyone ever had the waist taken in on their denim?   I got the slate blue slim fits and I love them, but unless I size up in the waist, it's ridiculously narrow in the thighs. I want to keep them, but the waist is definitely too big. 
I got these today. Actually, I wasn't sure of sizing, so I bought both a 34x34 and 36x34. It turns out I'm kind of in between so unsure which to keep. The 34 is definitely "slimmer" but the rise feels very, very low, and I am tall. The 36, however, more comfortable but a bit too lose in the waist and feels kind of sloppy.  My question -- does this fabric stretch?  I personally love the color and fabric and it's a good alternative to the rigid/dark wash denim when you still...
Those are different. They're a slighty different (and maybe earlier) version which I had too at some point. They're similar to the midland but with more repairs which are done cleanly and sanded down. Not as high contrast as the current version on the website (which I did in fact get on ebay for $100). These don't have the white paint splotches which  can go either way depending on what you're going for. 
Yes, the santa fe ones. I don't know which listing on ebay you're specifically looking
Those are all over ebay. I got a pair for $100 a couple months ago. They're cool, but not everyday. Although very comfortable. 
Thanks, Hoit. Interesting and all good to know. I usually wear a 34x34 in slim fits, but ordered that and a 36x34, not knowing if this fabric ran small/large (like the black on black). So we'll see. I saw them earlier this season in the store and loved the material but they never had my size so could never try on. Hoping they work. 
Anyone have the Slim Fit Slate Blue Jean? I'm thinking about getting. 
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