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Hey all,    Bought this a month or so back from pointer but just never wear it because I decided I like the banded collar better. Wore it once for a couple of hours. Shipping is free for continental US.   20" Chest 24" From shoulder to cuff   Thanks for looking.
If you have one in blue or brown hit me up. Missed out since I never check unionmade's site and they've long since been sold out at the store.   Thanks
Hey all,    Got these a month or so back and after a few wears my heel started to slip so they're not much good to me. Only wore them to work when I did wear them so they didn't see much time outside.    They ship in the original box.   Let me know if you've got questions.    Drop $230 --> $215
If you've got one in a medium let me know.
You should probably try washing your hair less (I do mine once every 4 days) and like c00kz said just rinse the other days. Start the cycle with a heavier product like (if you're going for something that isn't actual petroleum pomade) American Crew grooming cream then switch to the pomade after a day or two.
Damn how long have you been rocking those 14oz's for? I've had mine for 1.5 years and they don't look half as good.
If you've got one of these in something that'd fit a 38-40" chest please let me know, I'd really like one.
Forgive me if this has been asked before but I've been trying to buy better made clothing recently and I'm wondering why (for example) a $165 button down shirt from Unionmade is worth the extra money vs. say your run of the mill button down that costs 1/3 of the price. I know there is going to be a bit of a cost increase due to it being made in the USA but is the quality really that much better?
I got this a while back and didn't end up wearing it much as the shoulders were a bit tight on me. There are no tags stating the brand but I have the exact same shirt from when it became an actual sample and it fits me a bit better so no point in owning two. Made in USA.    P2P:20 Shoulders:17   +$5 US Shipping
I'm trying to come up on a medium. If you have other UU tops or jackets (except the puffer style coats) in medium feel free to send me the info as I may be interested. 
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