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Yes mate. I've been after these for a long time. When I eventually saved up enough, the B**tards at British boot company have put them up to £185 now. There is no way I'm paying that much for them.   I can't get to London, I'll see if I can get a phone number for Blackman's.   P.s If they are a 9, do you want to sell them?  (for a modest profit. a cheek I know)    
Why oh why, have JUMP THE GUN had this lovely brogue boot (commissioned by Solovair) made with a 'COMMANDO' style sole?   I would have bought these if they had been made with a smaller profile sole or even a DM air cushion sole.   Damn  just what I was after too  £125.     I bet if you turned the boot to one side. There would be a compass built into the heel and a survival pack integrated into the  main sole.   (P.s. aren't longwing brogues known in...
For the chap looking for a decent pair of Longwings. How about the Solovair heavyweight 'american' brogue. £130. Nice price and look decent.   http://www.aircushionboot.com/AmericanBrogue.html  
Yes. I've found out the hard way. You may as well spray Loakes with furniture polish and buff em up. A lot cheaper    
You can now pre-order this Brutus re-issue of a 1969 shirt. I've seen a few vintage versions of this shirt on e-bay over the years. Nice to now be able to buy a new one.  
The Brutus Trimfit facebook page, now features this recent photo ;)     Along with 'Buttons's' Very informative Comments.   Just goes to show, this thread is very far reaching and very influential. Even if we ain't all from Landon ;)
  Great shot.
Is there such thing as an 'Ivy skin' ? Ha ha.   Cheers Jason. I went to a 40th birthday party. Don't remember posting that And why I came home with this ludicrous comedy beer balloon is beyond me .    
I've just danced ALL night in these bastards. Loake 'Royals' to northern soul and reggae. I'm in agony.  ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Obviously not all folk get into 'traditional skinhead', after moving on/evolving from punk and Oi.   Most skinheads I know have became 'trad skinhead' after moving on or progressing from  Mod and Soul, 2-tone, or even Britpop.   I'm probably the minority. I've never been able to listen to Oi and hardcore. Not for lack of trying mind Buzzcocks and Gang of Four are about as hardcore as I get :)      
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