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I've always had this trouble. Unless you are wearing a plain shirt or plain polo, check shirts never seem to sit nice with the tartan lining of a harrington. Can be very hard to match up.  
I know this is off subject. English boozers are closing at an alarming rate nationwide. I'm from Birmingham and one seems to be closing every week. I'm sure this is the same in all regions of the UK. Traditional skinhead culture is well routed in with working class, whom generally sup ale. Where are skinheads supposed to let their 'hair down', so to speak ;)   Where is a modern day traditional skinhead supposed to show of his threads? Skinhead/reggae/soul...
  Good post.    I want Ben Sherman to return to their former glory :(        
Ben sherman have some limited edition gingham BD's out. £95 Japanese fabric, made in England, comes in a proper box. Look pretty neat.   Do these look anything like the originals, or are very modern interpretations of the original shirt???   Straight hem sleeves.   I wouldn't mind getting one if they look...
I always like that photo Jason.   I had a little look on your website.   LOVE this design. Superb  
God I'm hardly pc, nearly lost my current job many times.   I think Dm shoes are more popular in the 'revival' scene, which I steal/borrow certain elements from. Horses for courses as they say.     
I like a ticket pocket and a couple of neat zip pockets.   Don't see it very often, probably isn't very 'skinhead' either, but I think it looks neat.   Similar to this.        
They may look like 'security guard' or 'hospital porter' footwear to some . But def not the S word.  
I have some Hawkins 'DM' Astronauts. Not a very exciting colour, and basic shape, fairly common. Bought them 2 years ago NEW without box. But I love em.   The quality of the leather is far superior to modern day equivalants. And very comfortable.   Am I correct in thinking the Hawkins factory was in Northampton and closed in the early 1990's ?      
Thanks for the info mate. (I remember your photography on UKSH, very good and very professional) Impressive astronaut collection indeed.   I rang BLACKMANS today. The bloke that answered, told me that he has fell out with his supplier, and he won't be getting anymore NPS in again. So 'SHEP' probably had one of the last great bargains from there        
New Posts  All Forums: