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  Check out this vintage KAYS catalogue. To me, these are very nice Mod suits, could easily be skin, matched with the right shirt/shoes, obviously! I  love Lastye's old skin suit with the longer jacket. But don't get me wrong, these 'off the peg' catalogue suits look ok to me. The material may be somrthing nasty tho.   Check out the gentleman on the far right smoking! filthy bleeder.
  O.M.G. (no pun intended), are you Serious?   Are you talking modern or original? Either way the affiliation of reggae and skinheads and their symbiotic connection is hard to avoid or ignore. Unless you class reggae as later 70's/80's Aswad/inner circle/Marley type shite, Fair enough. Even if a skinhead isn't into ska/rocksteady/reggae, I would find it hard to believe they wouldn't be aware that a large proportion DO embrace this genre.
A friend of a friend, I know is selling this levi's BIG E suede/leather jacket, Apparently 1960's, Looks later to me. Very Suedehead! If Suedehead ever really existed ;)
Could anybody direct me in the general direction of purchasing anything like these post skin penny collars  
    Made In  Italy - I see. very nice. will keep a lookout for these. I thought their Made in Italy was just restricted to knitwear and knitted/textured polo's Cheers for that. As for for the zipped placket on the CdesG, I've never seen these before. That range is pretty exclusive tho, they don't tend to revisit previous lines. I'd look after the one you have.
Brideshead - I just noticied your recent avatar. Your FP polo with the long placket and three buttons. Nice! At first I thought it was one the FP MADE IN JAPAN polo's. but the buttons aren't white. What type of fp is this mate?     I stopped wearing FP polo's for a long time, as I'd basically done them to death in the 90's. But recently I bought a couple of 'the made in Japan' versions. I really like them. the fit (Have to size up tho) with the slightly smaller...
Brill! Thanks for info :)    
Hi mate. Is this possible? I've made enquiries about this myself recently. I've been told to use 'mozilla firefox'. I have no idea if this is safe, or even works. I've got loads of reggae vinyl which I need converting to cd/mp3 and I can't be arsed to buy one of the digital turntable converter thingies. It Can't be illegal if you already own the 45 or Lp, so I'd be happy to give it a go :)  
Interesting to hear what the original thread starter thinks about how this thread has evolved.   I think the recent addition of many members off UKSH have put a well needed fresh angle on things on here. Maybe it has turned into an 'Ask Andy' type of forum. But that's just my opinion   I'm going to stop posting as I've asked all the questions I wanted to know, and I have nothing to contribute on the original scene. As I'm 38.   Suffice to say, the thread...
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