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first wave mod - Jazz, second wave - RnB, 3rd wave - the who/small faces. if things were only that simple.         Here's one for 'Buttons', is this your good self on the far left on this CD cover ?  ;)
Cheers Brownie.       Check out 8min 30 secs into this clip about DON LETTS's mod film. Skinhead/hard mod was a reaction to Psychedelic freakbeat
Pic looks early/mid 70's but this is exactly how I've always imagined the skinhead friendly youth clubs to be.(could be a boozer tho, with the ciggie machine)
I like it. Nice buy mate.
Fair enough. Is this converstaion available as a podcast :)
It's all gone a wee bit quiet on here of late :( Anyway, Is this an FP monkey jacket? I have a cardigan version of the FP monkey jacket very similar to this.  
Nice trouser length on these mods. Brogues too. Revival mods? Can't tell..
I know this isn't the site to talk politics, but IMO your government is pretty 'spot on  with regards to your fine country NOT losing it's identitiy, and protecting itself from outside influences. You convicts and hoodlums living a better quality of life than me, not fair ;)   That said, what do Aussie skins wear :- flip flops, combats and a Fred perry? (only joking) I've got a few Aussie mates, but they aren't into any mod or skinhead scene, sadly. I find it hard...
Damn. Just missed out on these Dm/Hawkins Astros. Went for £191 on e-bay. Hardly worn.       P.s. I've never seen these photo's before of Phil taylor the drummer from MOTORHEAD. He def was a skinhead in as a youger lad.    
Not sure mate. That photo is just something I stumbled upon.   It's possible to see old ARGOS catalogues on-line. But none earlier than 1976, there are some quality kids toys in them tho.
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