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  Ha ha. Load of ol' toss the occult. Goth shite Skinhead music in the 60's was referred to as 'devil music' by the old fuddy duddy's (apparently?) . Just like rock n roll  in the mid 50's   Just play them high notes on your piano. that keeps the demons' at bay.
Nice links Ed.
I think I stole it of this forum mate, Any cool pics I find I tend to put in one of my photo folders.   I've read that 'Boys Story' novel, that another photo of that lad apperas on. It's a wee bit cheesy, but some of the clobber descriptions seem authentic.
  Cheers. I weren't sure if there was any technical or gender relevance to this zipper thing. Seems it makes no odds.
Not quite :)   I like this shot  
On similar lines to womens coats buttoning up the opposite side to mens.   Is there any relevance of  a front main ZIP being on the opposite front side of a jacket (i.e. 'Dangly' bit on the wearers right hand side when doing up, for want of a more technical description) I have vintage US ALPHA INDUSTIES bomber/flight, and field jackets like this. Is this a US style of zipper? Always wondered this.
I don't cross-dress. I'm not Kevin Rowland..
True. But to be fair, i've walked into foreign sheepskin establishments e.g. Spain,Cyprus,Malta etc. And there are large sheepskin coats, obviously men sizes that are in the mens section, with the button eyelets on the womens side. I doubt all foreign manufacturers of sheepskins are aware of this detail (that's if this coat is foreign in origin?) But I'm probably wrong. Maybe they are trying to off-load over-sized womens coats in the mens. Anyway, nothing wrong with a bit...
I thought so. Very cool indeed.
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