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  hee hee. It's shocking. I think the only symbols missing off it is an 'anarchy' sign, and a 'ban the bomb' symbol. I shudder to think what's on the back of it. Maybe a big yellow acid smiley face
Ha ha. that's the link! method in the madness It makes sense now. what he said about being 47 etc.
  Good points.   I'm neither left nor right. But I acknowledge that there wouldn't be a trad skinhead scene these days without 'post 69' skinheads defending the original scene from anybody that hijacked the scene which brought the skinhead name to the gutter. Namely the right wing boneheads, and cetain other groups/divisions that have just hijacked the look.   (p.s. I was born 73', so i missed 69, and was only 6 for the 79 revival) 
What are these harringtons like 'The real spirit' ?  (spotted it in your avator pic)   I didn't think an 'original' would go for that look. with the patches and slogans etc. You tend to see this 'look' on folk that are new to the scene.   But if you were there from the begining, hats off to ya. tell us some stories or post some photos please  
  I don't get it. Who's 'the real spirit' on about?
  Ha ha! Love it.   Most folk's gripe with baracuta Harringtons, is that they are too long in the body, which I completely agree with.   Merc harringtons are nice. But sometimes thay have an embroided symbol to the left breast. IMO, Harringtons look best without logo's/branded symbols, like most garments do. Let the threads do the talking, and not the logo...
  They did mate. It think it had the ben sherman check lining (aquascutum style) instead of the fraser tartan. BUT, it had a horrible over-sized slogan inside the jacket, which was an instant turn-off.   With regards to Ben Sherman, it seems they are preparing something for their 50th anniversary. They are requesting facebook users to submit any vintage photos/stories etc for this event.   It would be nice if they could reproduce a few vintage style shirts to the original...
  I haven't a clue what other brands WP Lavori have 're-vamped' .   True, we can't hold on to our core/heritage brands.   Perhaps Ben Sherman should be sold on (for the umpteenth time) They don't seem to care a damn about their heritage and skinhead backgrounds. They just try to appeal to the mass market and by doing so, produce bog standard, boring, uninspired clothing. Such a shame when they have such an extensive archive.   As long as we keep Fred Perry :)
BARACUTA have been sold to an Italian company. This should be good news, hopefully. An Italian made Baracuta sounds smart.   Nice video here, with a northern soul soundtrack  (nice to see the 'older' Gents sporting their harringtons, shame they couldn't have included an old skinhead with these chaps)     http://vimeo.com/44111367   (EDIT: that video keeps 'sticking', found another link off the Modculture site that plays...
This is a link to fred perry sale, before it goes on general sale.   A few nice pieces if you have a good mooch, free shipping!   http://www.fredperry.com/sale/men/authentic-collection/?utm_campaign=fred1226a&utm_term=week1226&utm_source=defacto&utm_medium=email
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