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Their sizes are pretty standard in my 'one' experience of them. I bought a pair of oxblood brogue boots from them.   I had to sell them on immediately! they were a terrible 'high shine' patent type leather. You can't polish them and they are very plastic looking. Shudder.....I try not to think about them anymore. Time hasn't healed my experience with them.   (I'd avoid mate, they look ok'ish in photo's but they are crap for the fairly high price they demand. Try  Loake...
  I'd go along with that Brownie. It's neat, clean, smart window dressing.   Saying that, it was the Ben sherman store, and whovever put that together must of had 'skinhead' in mind, or 'skinhead' was part of their brief.
    Ha Ha. Double denim.. That's a tough one to pull off these days.
      Sorry chap. Can't see anything skinhead related at all in that post. If that pic got ripped to bits on the WAYW thread, why post it on a 'traditional skinhead' thread? When it's not remotely skinhead. Sorry had to ask.
Make of this what you will.. On display in a London shop.  
Excellent link Ed. A few shots I haven't seen before..
Bleedin ell' Yankmod, you heard of Pm messages. It saves a thousand posts.   (Welcome by the way)
Great find Ed.   I think we'd all admit the 50/60's college boy look has been stolen and manipulated into mod and skin attire.   The chap in the top photo looks like his jeans may be 'cut off' unless they are very small turn ups, one fold? Who's knows, smart look either way.   On a similar note if you take a look at this photo. It wouldn't take a great deal to turn this lot into a smart skin rabble, Crop their hair, convert them lovely long collars to...
Aces and Eights - thanks for sharing the Margate experience. Sounds like a great day/evening.   Here's one for the 'living skinhead museum' AKA 'Buttons'.   Just wondered if you have any knowledge on these 70's skinhead friendly shirt makers, they may be cheapo 'fine fare' products for all I know. are they any good? I suppose there are numerous makers of shirts in the late 60's and early 70's that fall into the mod/skinhead detailing of the time. Just trying to...
  That song is funny! It has the Glam beat, cheesy lyrics, even cheesier - group hand claps, and in parts sound like 'bang a gong'. Is it meant to be a 'tongue  in cheek' glammed up, power pop, bit of fun?? I can't tell   If anything, I think the bands attire is  a 'nod' to English church jumble sales, or Blue Peter 'bring and buy' sales from the 70's     (they prob still dress better than me tho) 
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