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Type 3 leather jean jacket by Aero. £425. I'd love this     I have just the shirt to team up with this too  Could these jackets be a future investment? maybe.
ha ha. I've quoted this so you can't edit it later. Lets see these pics of your world, sounds great from an outsider
Welcome to my world. ha. ha.
It's Great to have a few bucks to buy the nice shirts But at the end of the day, you can achieve the same look with well chosen, fitted garments (vintage or modern) worn in a skinhead/mod  slimfit/fitted style.   Clean, sharp and smart. You dress to your the originals did? Same working class ethic me thinks..     Ed. I agree....What brands to you tend to buy these days.. or still consider VFM?
 Is their fairly recent, red 'Madras' style ss shirt from the archives i.e. a copy of a vintage shirt?   I know all the others are.     These aren't original but they still look good. The new one on the right is available in Feb 2013.  
Couln't agree more. I've sold off most of my old shirts to fund  Mikkel Rude shirts. The patterns seem to be going from strength to strength. Some really good check combos on his site. It would be nice if the prices could drop a few quid though, so I could buy more.   Still waiting on them sta-prest from him too. Hurry up Mr Rude.
Talking of cheap threads. The Ben sherman sale is very good at the moment. Hardly a great brand but some cheap functional pieces that may be worth a look. Harringtons are down from £70 to £35. In all colours for example.
I agree with this statement, apart from skinhead being a youth cult. It's a well established subculture now, that has quite a steep learning curve. Any newcomers to this scene, soon realise you can't cut the mustard with a Relco or Warrior shirt at an 'event'.   I've seen shit clobber at mod/skin events. But this is usually from 'norms' (for want of a better term) that aren't really into it all, OR are experimenting with the scene. If you haven't got the dosh to spend,...
  If you could take this up with Fred Perry, I'd be very grateful Ed
I love this knitted polo by fred perry, has just been re-issued.   What era would you estimate this knitted polo to originate from? I've seen loads of vintage FP 80's examples of this exact style, but I'm hoping it's from a lot earlier?
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