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Cheers for input fella's   Very useful info there!   Brideshead - thanks for link. The DJ's look pretty good on there. Wouldn't mind a sky blue harrington too. I think I'll have a punt on them.   (edit just purchased the donkey jacket £49)
  As the weather starts turning colder, I still wear pretty much the same gear. harringtons, monkey jackets, Levi's Trucker jackets. BUT with an extra layer i.e. KNITWEAR. Cardi's and tanktops are added to my usual combo's. As much as I love my sheepskins. They can be quite a visual statement to Joe Public, only really wear them when it's winter, and not very often. Should make more of an effort really with the ol' sheepskin.   I'd really like a Smart version of the...
Hi there. Just signed up. After discovering the 'traditional skinheads' thread.   I'm Russell, 38 from Birmingham ENGLAND. Into Mod and skin styles of clothing/footwear.   Great site. Glad to be a small part of it :)
Harrysgame - Thanks for welcome. I'm not Phil though.
JonnyJones's link to them Monkey jacket's do look alright. Far more authentic 60's looking, than my FP ones.   The one Bob is wearing in the photo is great.   I have 3 Fp monkey jackets at the moment all bought in the sales from the FP website. I know they are very modern looking, but you can easily pick them up for under £60, when the sales are on.  
Cheers for reply Roy. I'll ask him. Girls at WBA eh? sounds interesting ;)  Sounds like the midlands def had early skins, but not as prominent and early as down south. Aston villa fans can be a little 'economical' with the truth Ha ha. But then I'm biased, I'm a Birmingham city fan.  
Get smart - Cheers.   Lasttye - great photo. Very smart folk there.I love YORK, my brother went to uni there, I loved going to visit. Built by the Romans and built to last. At the time (mid 90's) York had the most pubs of any town centre. About 124 if I remember right. There seemed to be a boozer on every street corner (heaven! :) With the rate pubs are closing in the UK, I hope York hasn't been hit hard :(     p.s. I have a mate I drink with occasionly...
I've just sold over half my footwear collection on e-bay. I've tried to cut the collection down to the bare essentials. But I do feel this many pairs of shoes/boots is still excessive for a 38 year old. Would anyone agree?                          
Very kind. Cheers Roy.
Ha ha. Look forward to it. Just give me a few days to absorb and digest all 263 pages of this thread first.    
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