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Can't wait to see a book (fingers crossed) Would it be predominantly fashion focused, or a more broader outlook on skinhead culture? I've read every post on this thread. And I know, a book would be the real deal, the old skin members knowledge on here is priceless.   On a seperate note :)  do sheepskins shrink in the rain. A big concern of mine at the moment.
I agree. Too quiet.   I keep checking and nothing :(  
I've been called some names in my time, but never 'Teddy boy'! A bouncer of a hotel function room said it to me last night. I said, 'what the F makes you think that?!?!' He said, it was obvious cause of the sidburns,turn-ups and jacket.   I was wearing this :- (with the jeans and boots pictured above)  
Hi Johnny. The MR's are great. True to size and lovely rich oxblood. The white stiching is a nice detail, but this is obviously not seen again after the first polish. Expensive but worth it IMHO  
I have no experience of Warrior clothing. Only purchased braces off them.   I don't know if this is a good or bad thing. But they  stopped selling them crombies on their own website a while ago.   Why did they stop selling them ??  
I'm a bad penny, turn up everywhere.   Hope you are well jason.
Guilty as charged I'm afraid. I asked to rejoin yesterday. But my ban is for life. My own fault. All them silly photo's I posted, I should have kept my gob zipped too. I Learnt a few lessons there Harry ;)   Nice to speak again Harry. hope you are well too.  
My donkey jacket is out of stock for 4-6 weeks! Gutted. Awaiting refund :( Waiting for e-mail to say when they are back in stock. I'm wondering now if I should go for the trad PVC shoulders/back or stick to the plain. The 70's council bin man look is growing on me. hee hee.
Cheers Roy and Jason. For the price, I couldn't say no. Def worth a gamble I think.   Re: shoulder and back PVC covering - I know these are authentic to the original Jackets, but I'm not a big fan of this detail. Don't want to dress like a 70's council bin-man. Even if I may look like one ha ha. (they do sell those ones as well, with the PVC)
Lasttye - This is music to my ears :)  
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