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I log on every day, to see what's occuring.   Always happy to receive the e-mail that somebody has added a post        
Cheers Jason,Frank,Rob,darksideofforce re:- polish on Loakes.   The reason I asked was, I've heard 'mods' really get offended when I say I use kiwi/cherry blossom on loakes!   Also I like carded pocket squares.But I can agree with the 'clip-on tie' analogy. And I understand why people don't like them To be fair, before I recently used the carded pocket squares, I bought 2 CROMBIE (the actual company)  silk hankies. The problem is, they are huge. I've tried to...
Talking of bloody ankles and heel lacerations, I have a new pair of Loakes Royals on their way to me. What Is the best polish to use on these burgundy brogues. They need to last me a long time. Cheers   Russ
It's very smart. I'd snap that up, but I'd need a 44. Nice suede harrington too, Harry. Too big  for me, or I'd bid on that too.   On a seperate note :- Loving the NEW Mikkel Rude Burgundy Long sleeve 
Sounds v nice Rob. What about the front placket (Part with the button holes) is that on a bias or straight like the M.Rude ones?    
Big Muscle - For that Price range, I think you'd be just as well getting a 'MERC of London' Crombie/lord John overcoat    They appear on E-bay all the time. I see them quite often approx £50 second hand. But You can often pick them up for £100 NEW. I bought a Navy one in the summer for £100 new.   Has all the details and good quality.   Just don't tell anybody it's Merc ha...
Welcome captbovver! I'm probably wrong, but to my understanding white tabs were late 70's. They do re-surface now and then tho in re-issues. The levi's Italian sta-prest jackets from a few years ago are white tab. All my modern sta-prest are black and gold tab or red tab. Orange tabs levis jeans were  cheaper alternatives to the red tabs in late 80's and through the 90's in my experience. Still good jeans, and nice to have vintage.   I need to check out M&S (knitwear...
Welcome back Roy.   I like the turned pocket on the Mikkel Rude shirts. Adds to the 'Loundness'.  But I must admit, it doesn't work on all of them. Here's a perfect example :-   In an ideal world I'd like 'MIKKEL RUDE' patterns on a 'DNA GROOVE' shirt (with pocket matching pattern) and all for the price of a Ben Sherman  
Good post Harry.   Re: DNA Groove, I never thought to ask Claudio to add a chest pocket. Glad you mentioned that. I'll be cheeky from now on and demand one each time :) He's a decent bloke, I bet he wouldn't charge too much more for one.
Cheers m.Of.m.
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