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Good points Brownie.
Both items are Skinhead items in my book. They may not be vintage trad skinhead wear 68-72 etc, agreed. But I like to mix my wardrobe with items I like from all the skinhead era's. Even late 70's revival (Not Oi! tho)   I think it would take great discipline to ONLY wear original late 60's skinhead items these days. Fair play and respect to anybody that does tho. Depends how you look at it I suppose, and what you want out of it. Check shirts weren't wore at the...
Ron - They are nice. Good find. they don't look too long in the body either. I'm Selling some gear on e-bay at the moment, if I make enough I may well purchase the white one.  
Thanks! Here's me in 1973. Nice knitted polo, but i've been dressed in a lovley pair of tights. It never affected me (honest ha ha)  
Sorry for the bombardment of posts. But just found a photo of my late pa and my mom on their wedding day late 68. My dad was a Ted at heart, but I like his look in this photo :)  
Not this brand (obviously) but basically this style
My late Uncle was a skinhead 69-72ish, before he went onto full Glam. He was always seen in his beloved cricket jumpers, cable knit style with trim to v neck (white) The old 'cricket jumper' doesn't seem to crop up that often on skinhead related forums/chat. I know there are regional variations on  what was, and wasn't worn.   Were they worn during the original skinhead era, or was my uncle doing his own thing?   I've bought a couple of cricket jumpers over...
It does look quite smart. But in a Gestapo kind of chic.      
I agree. A very interesting post.   Getting leather to work in a mod (or skinhead way) is quite a difficult to thing to pull off I'd imagine. I'm not sure even ol' Sting comes close in Quadrphenia. I have seen long leathers over suits, but not very often. I think it could work if the leather is very plain (i.e. minimal detailing) and not too thick. Very practical tho, for more practical than the dreaded parka.   I used to have a black leather bomber/monkey...
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